Start your morning with a mindset Reset

Wellness and wellbeing is not a destination, but a journey. You can set goals and targets, however, once you do reach there then what? If you give up walking the path, you bounce back. To be well is to imbibe the lifestyle that keep your mind, body and spirit well and vibrant.

Weight loss, inch loss, fat loss, are goals. Set them, for targets motivate us to achieve something. However, don’t just stay put and do nothing and believe that only diet and exercise can work their magic. So not true! They will drag your body to shake away the weight, but alone do they make you well and thriving? Not really, because you’ll always bounce back.

The journey is all about inculcating new positive habits – one-at-a-time, and with each new habit you build a lifestyle thriving in wellness and wellbeing. At the beginning of this journey you need to recognize that your health is your wealth that multiplies benefits in every area of your life. Your health is an investment that gives you exponential growth. You wellness is your asset that appreciates with time. Your wellbeing is the joy of being you gift your life and purpose.

To bring about any kind of transformation it begins with reprogramming your mindset. Yes, the mind is the pathway to wellness. Unless you work harmoniously with the mind, you’ll only take up fitness journeys that end before they start, or end midway, or end at the destination and you bounce back. So, it all begins with the mind.

To reset the mind, you need to first acknowledge yourself, the potential that you have to being well and thriving. You need to also accept that you have let you mind, body and spirit go astray, in their own directions. You need to be aware of every error you have mindlessly made over time. You need to confess to your own self that you have been sabotaging your own health and wellbeing. Tough it is, but it is the best way to begin.

Unfortunately, we are always in denial about our personal wellbeing. We believe we are fine. But, take a good look at your body and the parameters, and you’ll know how unwell you are. Whether you have chronic ailments such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, PCOD/PCOS/Infertility, or you have repetitive acute ailments invade the body; your entire system is not in synchronicity with each other – The mind, body and spirit are orbiting their own universes, since they have been pushed out the gravitational system that unifies them.

You are the center of your own wellbeing. You are the gravitational force that synchronizes the mind, body and spirit. So, if you choose to be well and thriving, then reset your mindset, and begin the journey. 

To begin at the very start, make small shifts in the pattern of your day. Reset your alarm to 15 to 30 minutes earlier, so that at night you reset yourself to sleep earlier. Your body needs 7 to 8 hours sleep at night. That is the natural requirement of your biological clock. For maximum healing of the body happens when rested. So, begin with setting an intent to begin your day earlier and end your day earlier.

To do that you need to also take tiny steps to improvise your nutritional intake, and exercising the body. Nothing big and nothing major to begin with. When you start big you fall big. So start small, and walk big once you are all warmed up into the journey. 

Setting a morning routine is an effective way to begin every morning. I wake up at 5.45 am. It is my sacred time for myself; my mind, body and spirit nourishment. 

To wake up at 5.45 am, I sleep at 10.30 pm. I discovered 7 hours and 15 minutes of sleep is good enough for me – good deep sleep! 

So, once I am awake I gently maneuver my mind into being motivated and inspired to seize the day. I start with gratitude as I open my eyes, and then walk myself to the bathroom, where I look into my mirror and greet myself with immense love and a big smile – “Good morning Gorgeous. Today is fabulous.” With that smile I continue my morning ritual. Done, then its off to the kitchen. Prepare my decoction and then seat myself at the window, play some mantra chants, as I soak in the morning sights. My mind, body and spirit feels one in euphoria. 

In that space of being I journal to prompts and allow my mind to purge out all the unwanted sabotaging thoughts, and allow affirming, self-assertive thoughts to flow in. 20 minutes, and I am done. The mind is reset for the day. 

Then is my exercise flow time. I commit to 5 days – Monday to Friday – to actively move my body – yoga, Pilates, functional training and aqua-aerobics. My body loves variety, for if it is bored, it is demotivated. After all variety is the spice of life. 

My morning routine, which I prefer to call “My Morning Ritual” is sacred to me. No matter what day it is (on weekends and public holidays I reset my alarm to 7.00 am), I practice my morning ritual. For the morning is the best time to reset your mindset, and dive into a day thriving in wellness and wellbeing.

Reset your mind every morning so that it motivated to make nutritious choices. Inspire the mind so that it is passionate about every task. A peaceful morning ritual heals every avenue of your life – personal and professional. Because if the mind is not cluttered, then the body is not punished by a sabotaging mindset and the spirit is free to experience life through a healthy body.

Empty the mind first thing in the morning, and thrive through the day!