The Chakras

Chakra means ‘wheel’. It is believed that we have chakras that guide the momentum of the body. The wheels of life. According to the texts every cell of our body has its own chakra. Imagine how many lifetimes it would take to study of function of the chakras at a cellular level! 

Many experts in the field of healing have dived so deep into the study of chakras that that they have gone far beyond the seven major chakras that we commonly know. Those that use the modality of core somatic integration and another modality of radical healing, which is a part of pendulum healing have listed many minor chakras to help one understand their body functioning and malfunctioning better.

At the very basis of understanding chakras is to be aware that we are all energy bodies. Do you remember in physics we were taught about the three states based on the molecule binding of each? – Solid, liquid and gas. 

Well, in the metaphysical plane of understanding the spiritual scientists discovered that our body is made up of the three states – the solid body with compact cells; the blood and other fluids comprise the liquid state and the breath is the gaseous state.

Thus, the human body is a complete energy body. What drives the body? It is the energy that is fuel, hydration, and food. However, the wheels are of prime importance. The chakras! Understanding the main chakras is more than enough to be able to maintain a nourished, balanced, healthy body. This is definitely not to say that medical science can be ignored. Going through any kind of chakra healing therapy does not replace medicine. It helps speed up the recovery, as well as you maintain a healed body.

The chakra system is based on understanding all levels of our being.

The first and primary level of our existence is the physical body. It is the grossest level of existence. It is the solid state of our being.

The second level of existence is the mind or emotional body. This has a large impact on our physical well-being. As is often said, a healthy mind is a healthy. A calm mind is a fit body. A happy mind is a nourished body.

The third level of existence is the intellect. This is the storehouse of all our judgements, opinions, biases, prejudices, based on all that we are taught, our perceptions and impressions.

More subtle than the mind is the ego. The ego that recognises the differences and discriminations, that is steeped in comparisons and nourishes complexes, envy and jealousy if it is imbalanced. 

Going subtler is the memory level of existence. Here is stored all out memories. For those who believe in past lives and reincarnation, the memory is where every experience exists. The memory is where our triggers are resting till stirred by an event, situation, emotional response, judgement, etc. An unpleasant trigger activated is explosive for every level of our existence, right from our physical body to our ego; which causes imbalances and therefore ill-health. A pleasant trigger takes us along the path of inspiration and motivation to care four ourselves and our world.

Subtler than the memory is the soul. The soul is here in this body experiencing life through the physical body, mind, intellect, ego and memories. However, the soul does not depend on thoughts to communicate with the body. The soul communicates through subtle feelings; which we call intuitions. 

Intuitions are not just good feelings; but can also be feelings that warn us and signal us in case of danger or harm. The soul knows what the body imagines. The soul is aware while the mind guesses. The soul is accepts while the intellect judges. The soul unites while the ego divides. The soul learns and experiences, while the memory triggers all emotional ammunitions. 

Subtler than the soul on the human journey is the realm of the Angels – the Messengers of the Universal Consciousness. The mind, intellect and ego have given angels names and forms; however, the soul only feels the presence and passes the message through feelings and instincts.

The subtlest of all our levels of existence is Universal Consciousness; where the body is not an identity, but simply a vehicle of life. The Oneness of Being!

The chakras are wheels of our life that help us transcend the experiences and emotional triggers to find balance and openness to the communications of the soul, angels and Universal consciousness.

The nature of the body is to go through wear and tear. For all that is created goes through life to be destroyed. What pervades the cycle of birth and death is energy, time, spirit, soul, consciousness, divinity, whatever you may call it.

The struggle through life is to swim through the ocean and return to the shores of being. The body is not being; nor is the mind, intellect, ego, nor memory. Being is the soul. Being is the breath, the life force called ‘prana’.

From the Earth Star Chakra to the Third Eye Chakra are our karmic chakras. The Chakras that are responsible for our actions and deeds, our functioning. The Crown Chakra and the soul Star Chakra are our Spiritual Chakras that empower us with Divine Light, Love and Energy.

The chakras function to bring about a balance in every level of existence. Imbalances cause disruption in health, well-being an fitness. If the body is immersed in the emotions, then it is sickly, weak, disturbed. If it is immersed in the intellect; the body is stiff, inflexible and suffers from ailments and torments due to this. If the body is immersed in the ego then it feels inferior or superior, either ways it is insecure and complexed making it self-destructive. If the body is immersed in memories, then it is weak and battered, injured, bruised, with organs prone to wounds. If the body is immersed in the soul, then there is balance and acceptance, and any imbalance is just fleeting, passing by and does not affect it; even though it may seem like a life-threatening situation to come by.

Awareness and understanding of the chakras helps us heal our body, through understanding which level of our existence afflicts us. Learning about chakras helps you become increasing mindful towards becoming aware of which level of your existence is triggering an imbalance. 

You are a work in progress from the day you are born. Every level of your existence holds pieces of the puzzle that comes together to be a whole. Mindfulness towards your chakras is a continuous process. The more you learn and explore, the more you learn and experience, the more healthy you are at every level of existence.

This entire podcast is to help you become more mindful towards the chakras, thereby being mindful of your health and wellness.  

Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is the first amongst the major chakras. It is situated between the feet, going down up to 1 foot into Mother Earth. The Earth Star Chakra is the seed of our being that grows into roots, firming our life and grounding us on Mother Earth.

This chakra helps us use our legs effectively to earn our living, as well as establish our identity based on all that we inherit – genes and all else. It is the chakra that connects us to our ancestors, whose journey we continue to. The Earth Star Chakra is about every person, who has influenced our lives, our choices and our outcomes. 

If this chakra is not functioning appropriately we face problems in our career, property, wealth; where in we tend to face conflict and disputes. This is because disturbance to this chakra creates a sense of unsettlement, impatience, ungroundedness. We struggle to keep ourselves firmly grounded in all that we need to do.

Firm and deeply growing roots ensure a firm, strong and sturdy tree that tides through every storm. To heal our Earth Star Chakra we need to work with all those who belong to the roots of our being in this lifetime, which includes our ancestors, parents, teachers, friends, relatives, etc; all connections from our conception to this day.

The Hawaiin Forgiveness Prayer – Ho’Oponopono is a powerful technique to help heal away all the toxic unforgiveness of the past known and unknown to you. By consciously bringing all those you feel you need to forgive, seek forgiveness from, thank and express your love to, you can bring a dynamic paradigm shift in your consciousness, placing your roots firmly, grounded and therefore bringing about a shift in all the problems you face where your physical identity in every sphere of your life is concerned.

Even if you are not aware of names and identities of your ancestors, simply meditating on the Ho’Oponopono prayer, or repeating it as a chant can play an important role in healing all matters concerning the Earth Star Chakra.

Location of the Earth Star Chakra:

To become aware of the position of the Earth Star Chakra you will have to stand straight, effortlessly, comfortably. Allow the feet to balance you without having to keep a wide or too narrow a distance. A comfortable standing stance with a slight gap between your feet. Now become aware of a string running though the centre of your body, straight down into Mother Earth, piercing to a point 1 foot (12 inches or 30 centimetres below). This is where your Earth Star Chakra is. 

Imagine you are a walking talking tree, where you go your roots go too. So, the Earth Star Chakra is not just a point to meditate upon, it is a chakra that is with you all the time. It is the seed that sprouts into your roots. 

Symptoms of a blocked or unbalanced Earth Star Chakra:

  • Inability to manifest abundance
  • Unresolved property matters
  • Feelings of loneliness
  • Feelings of ‘home-sickness’
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling disoriented
  • Dizziness
  • Foot, knee and leg problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling a lack of purpose
  • Feeling Nervous
  • An over-active mind
  • Feeling Insecure
  • Feeling Disconnected

Healing and Balancing the Earth Star Chakra:

To heal and balance your Earth Star Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Earth Star Chakra.

Brown GoldBlack GreyTiger’s Eyes, Tree Agate, Unakite, Black Onyx, Fire Agate, Pyrite, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black AgateMyrrh Cedarwood,VetiverSandalphon, Goddess Mother Gaia Prithvi – Dhra, Dharti, Dhrithri“I am firmly grounded on Mother Earth, and accept every lesson, transformation and celebration, as the breath flows through me.”

Mantra: Ho’oponopono – This manes to “make right” and is the Hawaiian word for ‘forgiveness’. A big part of Ho’oponopono is that “peace begins with me”. 

The Mantra: I Love You

    I’m Sorry

       Forgive Me

               Thank You

Process: With eyes closed, or eyes open and focussed on a candle flame visualise one-by-one your Ancestors, as well as those you need to forgive and those you need to seek forgiveness from, repeating the above Ho’Oponopono Mantra.

Affirmations to help heal the Earth Star Chakra:

“I am stable and grounded on Mother Earth.”

“I release all old thought patterns and beliefs.”

“I surrender to Mother Earth as she heals every level of my existence.”

“Mother Earth nourishes and heals me, here and now.”

“I seek forgiveness from my past, as Mother Earth inspires me to live my purpose, here and now.”

“I seek to live my higher purpose to serve Mother Earth and all Her beings.”

May you heal, balance and ground yourself firmly upon Mother Earth, with strong secure roots, as you live your purpose to your highest creative potential.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is the second major chakra of our being. It our chakra of self awareness, self-identity, procreation, creation. It is the chakra that helps us see ourselves in the light of our own identity, and the labels given by others. It is also the chakra of our financial security, prosperity factor and status. 

This may make it sound like our materialistic chakra. Well, to a great extent it is. For there truth be told, after the breath money is the next most important thing to live life. For everything has a price tag. You have to pay for your basic requirements of food, clothing, a roof over your head, and all else.

According to Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, a human beings primary need is everything under physiological needs – food, water, warmth, sleep, clothing, shelter, reproduction. This is connected with the Root Chakra.

Abraham Maslow may or may not have read or heard about the chakra system, yet one cannot help but not how there is a glaring similarity between the Root Chakra and the physiological needs mentioned at the base of Maslow’s pyramid.

As is often said, unless the stomach is satiated, the body is rested, and one is secure with a legacy to continue nothing else matters. So, if one is struggling with the basic material necessities, they are struggling with all else. A shaken foundation is a shaky structure.

One needs to reassess their foundation upon which they build their life. Do you have all the basics in place? Do you worry about paying basic bills? Are you insecure about your own security? These questions will help you understand whether your Root Chakra is healed and balanced, or otherwise.

One of the major symptoms of an unbalanced Root Chakra is depression. Depression comes from a lack of self-awareness, self-identity. It feels like one is sinking into a bottomless pit, with no firm ground. It is lonely in that pit. It is terrifying in that depression.

Apart from seeking professional help for depression, one could explore healing and balancing their Root Chakra, in order to find purpose and meaning of their life.

Location of the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, in the coccygeal region. The ‘root support’ of our being is said to be responsible for the fight-or-flight response when survival is under threat.

The Root Chakra relates to:

Symptoms of Blocked and Unbalanced Root Chakra:

Over-active Root Chakra

  • Domineering
  • Sleeplessness
  • Greed
  • Aggressiveness
  • Sexually manipulative
  • Reckless
  • Impulsive
  • Thinks everything and everyone is a threat

Under-active Root Chakra

  • Weak and tired
  • Lethargic
  • Over-cautious
  • Afraid of change
  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Tendencies of being self-destructive
  • Disinterested 

Healing and Balancing the Root Chakra:

To heal and balance your Root Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Root Chakra.


Red Jasper, Coral, Red Aventurine, Garnet, Shiv Lingam, Ardhnareeshwar Lingam, Watermelon Tourmaline, Ruby,  Moss Agate, Red Calcite, Smoky Quartz, Hematite  Patchouli, Vetiver, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Galbanum, Benzoin, Angelica, St. John’s Wort




“I am passionate about my daily chores and I carry them out creatively and joyfully.”

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the seat of our child within, who has been a victim of childhood trauma – our inner child. 

The inner child is the womb of creativity, innocence, inspiration, confidence, self-esteem. The Sacral Chakra is the centre of creative inspiration.

Childhood has its own challenges, and if we go through much pain, we lock our inner child into the prison of the Sacral Chakra to protect them from the cruel, bad world. We lock our child-like innocence and playfulness and replace it by the mind, intellect and ego. We grow into adults with defence mechanisms.

This however, does not help us grow and evolve intout highest potential, because the basic ingredients of success are imprisoned. If you read biographies of the successful, you will notice a common thread that connects them – no matter how much the hardships they faced, they were in touch with their creative genius that made them take confident strides, no matter how touch it could get for them.

Every success story is written on the pages of hardships, difficulties, challenges, pain, fear, tears, loss; for they are all stepping stones to success and fulfilment. Yes, the inner child is wounded because of the world around them. Your inner child may have been a victim of sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family, physical pain, disease, or even the burden of other’s failure may have been your burden that weighed you down. 

Along with your inner child you locked up you passion, hobbies, creativity and decided protecting yourself meant being enslaved by the confusions of the mind, judgements of the intellect, discriminations of the ego. You fed your inner child pain, anguish, hurt, sadness; thus, losing confidence and self-esteem.

Healing and balancing the Sacral Chakra is all about healing and befriending your inner child. A healthy and balanced Sacral Chakra is a confident, creatively inspired, spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, accepting self living every moment to the highest of their ability and potential.

You can do this too, if only you allow your inner-child to walk your path of purpose with you. 

Location of the Sacral Chakra:

The Sacral Chakra is located below the navel, in the belly; mid-way between the base of the spine and the naval. It is also known as the “sacred home of the self.”

The Sacral Chakra relates to:

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Sacral Chakra

Overactive Sacral Chakra:

  • Sexual addictions
  • Obsessive attachments
  • Addiction to stimulation
  • Excessive mood swings
  • Excessively sensitive
  • Poor boundaries, invasion of others
  • Emotional dependency
  • Instability

Underactive Sacral Chakra:

  • Rigidity in your body, beliefs or behaviour
  • Emotional numbness or insensitivity
  • Fear of change
  • Lack of desire, passion, or excitement
  • Avoidance of pleasure, fear of sexuality
  • Poor social skills
  • Excessive boundaries
  • Boredom

Healing and Balancing the Sacral Chakra

To heal and balance your Sacral Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Sacral Chakra.

Orange to Peach Carnelian, Azurite, Fire Agate, Peach Aventurine, Amber, Orange Calcite, SunstoneYlang-ylang, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, Geranium, Orange, Sandalwood GabrielAgni, Parvati Vam“I am confident and surrender to creative inspiration that flows through me.”

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the biggest of the major chakra. It seems like the sun of the human body system, with all else revolving around it. It is the storehouse of all emotions, beneath which is happiness in abundance. One needs to peel off the layers and dive deep within to discover that happiness is not a destination, aspiration or hope; it is within you. It is you within the layers.

Life is about accepting imperfections and becoming aware of all that emotions are here to teach. It is not a situation that teaches lessons, but the emotions that are triggered by situations, circumstances, people, events, etc., that make us turn to those pages and give it our attention so that we heal at all levels.

The mind, resides in the solar plexus; for it is the mind that is the vessel of all emotions. The mind will confuse you to keep you away from your Truth; and through meditation, breathing, healthy eating habits you raise your vibrations to heal the emotional wounds. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is situated in the stomach area – the centre of the body. Our digestive system is in the charge of the Solar Plexus. This is why emotions affect the way we eat and digest food. You give power to your emotions to control your appetite. However, when you heal and balance your Solar Plexus Chakra you give your healthy Solar Plexus Chakra to bring balance, leading you to make healthy mindful nutritional choices. Your health and well-being begins by clearing our the emotional clutter. Your journey from fat to flab goes hand in hand with emotional detoxification.

Being the central major chakra, it is an all-important chakra. Healing and balancing this chakra helps to bring about healing and balanced functioning of all other chakras. This is probably why belly breathing is so important when going into meditation, or while sleeping – clearing the toxins so that calmness pervades.

Happiness is the excited response to positive triggers. Happiness is a state of balance, calmness and peace, accepting and in awareness that “This too shall pass” just as all that you eat may accumulate as layers of fat, but a large portion passes out of the body. Nothing remains the same forever, except the stillness untouched by the tides of time.

The Solar Plexus Chakra relates to:

Symptoms of Blocked and Unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra:

Over-active Solar Plexus:

  • Over-Dominating
  • Control Freak
  • Exhaustively Competitive
  • Haughty
  • Over-Ambitious
  • Hyper
  • Obstinate
  • Compulsively focussed on goals
  • Seeks sedatives to calm down

Under-Active Solar Plexus Chakra:

  • Inactiveness
  • Lethargic
  • Digestive system is weak
  • Propensity towards being cold towards others
  • Over-submissive
  • Blaming people and situations for the state of being
  • Minimal self-esteem
  • Low confidence
  • Lack will power
  • No sense of self-discipline
  • Seeks stimulants to empower them to be active

Healing and Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra:

To heal and balance your Solar Plexus Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Yellow to Lime GreenCitrine, Yellow Jasper, Golden Quartz, Yellow Sapphire, Peridot, Honey Calcite, Golden Obsidian, Golden TopazJuniper, Vetivert, Yarrow, Petitgrain, Palmarosa, Marjoram,  LemonJophielRamaRam“I am powerful, courageous and happy, and accept people and situations as they are.”

The Heart Chakra

The heart is where the home is! And so, the heart is safely situated beneath the ribs that protect it from harm. The lungs too accompany the heart in the same location that is looked after by the Heart Chakra – The Chakra of love, compassion, kindness, service. 

It is from the Heart Chakra that our shoulders get the strength to carry the weight of all our burdens. It is from the Heart Chakra that our arms extend to welcome others in love and compassion; in service and kindness.

However, if our Heart Chakra is not balanced and healed then we burden our lungs with fears, anxieties, selfishness, apathy, hatred and all related negative emotions. All that keeps us from being true to ourselves; true to our unfathomable ability to be loving and compassionate.

To open the Heart Chakra, find seek your purpose. Purpose is service to those who need you – your time, your presence, or however, you wish to share yourself with the world. The more involved you are with your purpose the more the Heart Chakra heals and remains in balance. All the negativity then are fleeting emotions that maybe triggered from time-to-time; not something that binds you.

Healing and balancing your Heart Chakra helps you to travel light through life enjoying every one of your relationships mindfully, in awareness. No fear paralysis you, no anxiety disturbs the functioning of your body.

The Heart Chakra relates to:

Symptoms of Blocked and Unbalanced Heart Chakra:

Over-active Heart Chakra:

  • Excessively dependent on others
  • Incapable of defining personal boundaries
  • Jealousy
  • Envy
  • Always being a martyr sue lack of self-awareness and self-respect
  • Fears
  • Anxieties
  • Phobias
  • A peoples’ pleaser
  • Always seeking sympathy

Under-Active Heart Chakra:

  • Withdrawn and extremely uncomfortable in social settings
  • Intolerant and overly critical of others
  • Prefers to be in isolation; a loner
  • Apathy 
  • Fears intimacy

Healing and Balancing the Heart Chakra:

To heal and balance your Heart Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Heart Chakra.

Green – Healing Wounds of the Heart Pink – Accepting and Spreading LoveGreen – Green Aventurine, Malachite, Blood stone, Tree Agate, Green Calcite, Emerald, Green FlouritePink – Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline   Rose, Bergamot, Melissa, Jasmine, Rosewood Archangel Raphael (Green Prana of Healing), Archangel Chamuel (Pink Prana of Love)Hanuman, VayuYam“I surrender in faith and love serving the Universe.”

Upper Heart Chakra

The Thymus Chakra

The Upper Heart Chakra or Thymus Chakra is situated between the heart and Throat Chakra. It is the point where the chin touches the centre of the collarbone. The Heart Chakra is the centre of humility and intuitiveness. It is the feelings centre of the being.

The difference between thoughts, emotions and feelings is that thoughts trigger emotions that if positive then stir up an excitement and if negative then stirs up a storm. Feelings are not triggered by thoughts nor emotions. Thoughts and emotions feed upon each other. Feelings is sensations felt – either good or bad, which either inspire us to act if the former, or warn us of something unsettling if the latter. 

Intuitions and feelings belong to the same family. In away you say that feelings speak to you through intuitiveness, which is far more subtler the loudness and heaviness of thoughts. If thoughts are the words; then intuitiveness is the space between the words. If emotions is the reaction to thoughts and other triggers; then feelings are gentle nudges of inspiration, motivation or warning.

Balancing and Healing your Upper Heart Chakra keeps you grounded, which elevates your ability to become aware of the language of intuitions and feelings. Humility, humbleness, empathy, gratitude, grace and love are the varied ways in which to empower this chakra. A balanced and healed Heart Chakra, full of compassion opens up the Upper Heart Chakra.

The Upper Heart Chakra relates to:

        Intuitiveness                                             Humbleness

Feelings Silences Calm   Peace

               Grace Gratitude

                  Mindfulness           Empathy

Meditation     Surrender

This Chakra either functions completely, or does not function at all. So either, one is so involved with the designs of the mind, intellect, ego that they only get glimpses of the functioning of the Upper Heart Chakra, or they function through this chakra as a matter of convenience. This Chakra is the chakra of Enlightenment. Every aspect of this chakra denotes one who is aware that life is a journey with a purpose. The body is just cloak to serve a purpose. They are aware pain is inevitable, and suffering is a choice, and they choose to live their life humbly in this knowledge. They seek wisdom. They enjoy their wealth and status, and yet are aware of their responsibility towards the betterment of their world.

Healing and Balancing the Upper Heart Chakra:

To heal and balance your Upper Heart Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Upper Heart Chakra.

Turquoise, AquaHelichrysum
Myrtle, Litsea, Rose, Geranium
Juniper, Vetivert, Rosemary, Yarrow, Petitgrain, Palmarosa, Marjoram,  LemonHaniel, Aquerial, KhamaelJesus, SatyaNarayana (Lakshmi Vishnu), GangaSo Hum“I am, That I Am Love and Compassion in humble acceptance.”

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the power centre of wisdom. It is also the seat of the intellect. This chakra is our communication centre, and thus our throat, mouth and ears are governed by the 7th major chakra of our body.

When we learn we either learn to gain knowledge or to unlearn intellectual garbage. Thus, knowledge can function to help us evolve spiritually and intellectually dependent on how we use the knowledge.

Knowledge for intellectual stimulation tends to fill us with the pride of ‘knowing it all’. WE display all that is learnt to show ourselves in the light of superiority. We develop concepts that sway our judgements, biases, nurture our prejudices. We relate these in black and white; all other shades and tones seem to disappear. Our viewpoint precedes the possibility of others’ perceptions. This is knowledge of the intellect.

However, knowledge gained to release the chains of bondage is what helps us unlearn the limited aspects of concepts, and embrace a wider angle of perspectives. We see and communicate understanding all possible perspectives. There are know judges, but compassionate, understanding communications.

Guilt and regret are the poisons of the Throat Chakra that feed the intellect with superiority or inferiority complexes. When we overcome the two we listen effectively, which the foundation of communicating effectively.

We don’t just listen to ourselves – our concepts, judgements, prejudices; instead we are open to listening through observation and acceptance. We know that knowledge in the books is not enough, it is experience that brings us wisdom.

We communicate wisely when our Throat Chakra is healed and balanced. 

Another name for Shiva is Neelkanth – ‘The One with a Blue Throat’. What does this signify? In order to save The Universe, Shiva drank poison. He wrapped a snake around his throat so that the poison will not penetrate into the rest of the body. This poison is the metaphor for anger, rage, guilt regret, etc. The symbol of Neelkanth represents our need to prevent the toxic emotions from penetrating into our being, and find ways to throw it out of our system through healing, immersing ourselves in wisdom and knowledge. Communicating kind words and wisdom to heal others.

The more knowledge you share compassionately, the more you evolve. Listen to the space between the words, observe ones body language to know their wounds; and then let them know your feelings. Help them through kind words spoken from a healed and balanced Throat Chakra.

The Throat Chakra also relates to The Truth and reality. Your Truth – your story and what you see, experience, feel. The courage to speak your Truth and accept the Truth of another.

The Throat Chakra relates to:

Symptoms of Blocked and Unbalanced Throat Chakra:

Over-active Throat Chakra

  • Talking too much or inappropriately
  • Gossiping
  • Stuttering
  • Difficulty being silent
  • Excessive loudness
  • Inability to contain (keep confidences, etc)
  • Judgements
  • Prejudices
  • Superiority complex

Under-active Throat Chakra

  • Difficulty putting things in words
  • Fear of speaking
  • Speaking with a small, weak voice
  • Secretiveness
  • Excessive shyness
  • Guilt, regret, shame, inferiority complex
  • Biases
  • Tone deafness

Healing and Balancing the Throat Chakra:

To heal and balance your Throat Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Throat Chakra.

BlueAzurite, Blue calcite, Blue Aventurine, Sodalite, Lapiz Lazuli, Blue Kyanite, Blue Sapphire, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Lace Agate, Howlite Blue Chamomile, Sage, Lemongrass, Hyssop MichaelKrishnaHum“I am aware of the Universal Truth.” 
“I speak my Truth courageously.”
“I release guilt and regret, here and now.”

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is situated between the eye brows, in the centre of the forehead. It is the centre of focus, determination, perseverance and will power. The pineal gland was regarded as the third eye, as it regulates the body’s biological clock or circadian rhythm. This gland secretes melatonin, which is a vital hormone for our 24-hour sleeping and waking patterns and rhythms.

Here is a little tip: whenever you feel that your focus and concentration is diminishing, apart from dashing to make a mug of coffee, gently tap your Third Eye Chakra 9 times. Alternatively using your pointer finger (any hand) make 9 circles clockwise on or around your Third Eye Chakra. Any of these two techniques wake you up instantly!

The Third Eye Chakra is also the seat of the ego. When the ego is in balance it allows us to function with alertness, concentration, willpower and determination towards our goals and for the betterment of all. An ego that feels inferior becomes lethargic and confused. An ego that experiences superiority becomes angry, controlling and dominating. 

Shiva’s third eye is always half shut, maintaining a balance. He opens it wide when he needs to prove his superiority to the demons. Nobody has ever heard about an inferior Shiva!

Balancing and healing the Third Eye Chakra helps you visualise your life’s purpose and empowers your creative imagination and intelligence. There is more clarity. You work sincerely on the path of your purpose – your career. 

Meditating upon you Third Eye Chakra first thing in the morning will provide you with awareness of the what your dreams reveal to you. Thus, the Third Eye Chakra is like a lighthouse and shows you the direction in which you need to drive your life to make it fulfilling and purposeful.

The Third Eye Chakra relates to:

                   Determination, Focus, Perseverance, Willpower, Concentration, Vision, Aims 

                   Creative Imagination, Goals, Aspirations, Insight, Memory, Intelligence, Focus

Symptoms of Blocked and Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra:

Over-active Third Eye Chakra

  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Obsessions
  • Nightmares
  • Intrusive memories
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Excessive fantasising

Under-active  Third Eye Chakra

  • Lack of imagination
  • Difficulty visualising
  • Insensitivity
  • Excessive skepticism
  • Denial (can’t see what’s going on)
  • Inability to see alternatives

Healing and Balancing the Third Eye Chakra:

To heal and balance your Third Eye Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Third Eye Chakra.

IndigoAmethyst, Angellite, Flourite, Azurite, ApophylliteRosemary
Clary Sage
RazielArdhanareshwar Aum“I am awake, aware, alert, focussed and carry out all my responsibilities energetically.”

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the 9th major chakra. It is situated on the top of the head. It is represented by a thousand-petal lots that stems from the centre point on the top of our head. 

The symbol of the thousand-petal lotus represents Divinity – gentleness, compassion, peace, empathy and above all the beauty of life, even though at times it may seem murky, dark and difficult. A lotus blooms in muddy waters, and we too on our journey through trials, tribulations and lessons bloom in time. With every lesson a petal unfurls. With every victory many more petals unfurl.

The Stem of the lotus runs through the centre of the body with roots protecting the Earth Star Chakra. It connects all the chakras, and yet allows each to function independently of each other, so that we keep learning at varied levels, we keep evolving. 

The lotus is the umbrella that protects us from negativity and filters out all grime and filth from around. It is the cradle of our innocence; our soul and spirit. It is where prayers are whispered in silence and spirituality is the guidance. It is the playground of mediation and liberation from all bondages and attachments.

The Crown Chakra relates to:

  Spirit, Liberation, Liberation, Prayerfulness,  Meditation, 

Transformation, Divinity, Meditation,

 Wisdom, Spirituality 

Symptoms of Blocked and Unbalanced Crown Chakra:

Over-active Crown Chakra

  • Dissociation from the body
  • Spiritual addiction
  • Confusion
  • Over-intellectualisation
  • Living “in your head”
  • Disconnection from spirit
  • Excessive attachments

Under-active  Crown Chakra

  • Spiritual cynicism
  • A closed mind
  • Learning difficulties
  • Rigid belief systems
  • Apathy

Healing and Balancing the Crown Chakra:

To heal and balance your Crown Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of healing and balancing the Crown Chakra.

WhiteClear QuartzLotus, Angelica, Star Tulip, Frankincense, Sandalwood,
Myrrh, Benzoin, Neroli, Lavender, St. John’s Wort 
RazielShivaOm Namah ShivayaOm“I accept every message and sign the Universe brings to me.”

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is where your Akashic Records are stored. The records are protected by your Archangel and all other Angels that travel with you. These records are scripts of your lifetimes, that have been co-scripted by you and your Archangel.

We choose all that we wish to learn in each lifetime. We choose our birth and purpose. However, once we are born, we are switched off from our awareness of our Akashic Records, and in time as we find our spiritual path we get glimpses of the scripts through our psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, auto-writing, clairaudience, animal communications, etc. 

Our Soul Star Chakra is situated 12 to 24 inches above the top of our heads. It is a majestic star that shines bright. It glows with all Angel Energy. The Angels are our messengers of The Divine. They communicate with us through our psychic abilities. As we develop these abilities the messages becomes even more clear to us.

When we access our Akashic Records we grow in awareness with regards to our mission in life and we are awakened to our purpose. Meditating upon the Soul Star Chakra connects us with our soul and spirit and keeps us in the comfort of self-awareness and self-realisation.

The Soul Star Chakra relate to:

                         Higher Self   Divine Energy

       Akashic Records     Psychic Knowing

                               Angels Spiritual Awakening

Connecting to the Soul Star Chakra:

To connect to your Soul Star Chakra, you could wear or place the following crystals in your personal or professional space. Meditating with crystals and using the aroma elevates the intensity of connecting to your Soul Star Chakra.

MagentaOnyx, Labradorite, Selenite, Cobaltic CalciteJasmine, Rose, Neroli, Clary Sage MetatronTrinityHari Om Tat Sat “I am One with Oneness of the Universe.”