Orbit 2022

Year Orbit 2022

This journal has been created for you, because I care for your wellness!

Year Orbit 2022

  • Have you ever sat back to enjoy the greatness of your being?
  • Have you ever sat back to celebrate your courage to be part of this amazing Universe?
  • Have you ever sat back to observe the stillness of your being?
  • Have you ever sat back to honour your power to steer through challenges?
  • Have you ever sat back and…
  • We drown ourselves in emotions that take us away from the core of the being. We are either worrying about something, or biting our nails anxiously, paralysing ourselves fearfully; we are constantly fighting our way through stormy emotions that are triggered. The battle to exist, takes us away from experiencing the miracles of living.
  • Year Orbit 2022 is a module comprising a journal and guided meditations, designed to help you empty yourself, and count your blessings, as you step into a new year to begin the 365 days orbiting around the sun. Hope dawns when all the noise is silenced. To begin on a fresh page, you need to put the full stop at the end of the last word of the last page. Through this unique journal, and the guided meditations I have channelled, you sweep and amplify 2022, and scope into 2023 from the perspective of the 8 dimensions of wellness.
  • So, now you can sit back and Year Orbit 2022!

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