Be the Indian You Want India to Be

Since 15th August 1947, we celebrate Independence day every year. We hoist the national flag, sing the national anthem of India with the feeling of patriotism. We discuss the Indian Independence movement, remember the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru; as the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi unfurls the Indian National Flag in the Capital of India – New Delhi. While all this marks the undercurrents of 15th August, we make most of it being a holiday; more so if it is a long weekend.

But truly, do we actually sit back to express our gratitude to every freedom fighter who put their lives at stake to bring us our Independence from the British Raj? If it was not for their passion, promise, will power, courage, strength, unity, purpose, we probably would have still been a nation struggling for independence. They made so many sacrifices to bring us our freedom. They manifested our Indian Democracy from being a colony of the British kingdom. We know this, but are we aware of it?

The difference between knowing something and being aware of it is that knowing is an intellectual acknowledgment of something or someone. Awareness is knowing it with feeling, understanding and empathy at deeper level. And, as long as we know, we can forget. As long as we are aware we respect, honor, value and love. Awareness leads us to be inspired. Inspiration stirs passion. Passion fuels purpose. Purpose becomes a mission to serve.

While the freedom fighters of India fought against the British, we continue to fight for our freedom against the varied evils that engulf our nation at the macro level, and our own lives at the micro level. As every drop makes the ocean, the ocean is in every drop. So also, every citizen makes the nation, as the nation is in every citizen. You can move away from India, but yet India belongs to you, how much every you believe you are a global citizen. Once an Indian, always an Indian.

We celebrate the 75th India Independence Day on 15th August, 2021. But how independent are we? Are we not ever so dependent on others for everything. We need others to be happy, to feel prosperous, wealthy. We choose to be healthy if we have something. We are enslaved by our own habits and patterns, victims of our own weaknesses. We know independence, but we are not aware of the power of being liberated from our own worst enemy – the shadow self that sabotages us.

We talk about Democracy – form of Government; yet we allow ourselves to be dictated by the negative thoughts that destroy our passion, watering down our faith. Democracy is not just about governance, but about our own lives; our right to exercise our ability to make choices. Instead, we throw ourselves into the well of ignorance and let the darkness cover our light, wisdom and love for each other.

Every time I see the national flag of India, I feel empowered. The saffron color fills me with so much hope and faith. I feel the child-like innocence of an eternally young nation. That is part of who I am too, for age is just a chronological number; the spirit is as young as ever. I feel a child-like playfulness in the spirit of India – friendliness, warmth, acceptance, encouragement, empowerment, creativity, balance, freedom, expression. – the essence of the vibration of orange. 

The color green is the vibration of unconditional love, service, abundance, prosperity, growth, harmony, fertility; which are attributes of pure human nature. White is from where all colors come – universal acceptance, awareness, oneness, unity, spirituality, openness, pure, sacred, peace are its attributes. Upon it is the blue Ashoka Chakra with 24 spokes. 

To me the 24 spokes represents 24 hours of the day. The essence of the vibrations of the color blue includes clarity, communication, loyalty, trust, sensitivity, faith, intelligence, intuition, imagination, inspiration – every aspect that ideally should color each day of our life.

The flag of India is not just a symbol, but a reminder of who we are at the core of our being. Our contribution to the greatness of our nation cannot be undermined. The struggles will be many, but we have to keep going. We need to free ourselves from our own demons that pull us back from taking action. If our freedom fighters sat back in the comfort of their homes, we would not be citizens of a free nation. They fought for us, and it is our responsibility to live our lives honoring every sacrifice.

Free yourself from the chains of complaining, whining and shaming everything around; instead, get up and be the change you wish India to be. Liberate yourself from the bondage of procrastination, doubts and misery; instead rise up and take action, live your life of purpose. Release yourself from the darkness of the past; instead embrace the light of the present and manifest the brilliance of tomorrow. Let go the differences, biases and prejudices; instead accept and embrace all people and situations; for no matter what the caste, religion or class, everyone is Indian first.

Unfurl the flag of India in your heart, and live with grateful awareness of every great chapter in the history book of India. For when you feel the greatness of the nation, you’ll feel that greatness vibrate through every cell of your being, for you are a precious child of this soil. 

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