Viral is Not Just a Fever It’s Frizziness Too!


Frizzy hair, the unruly beast that defies all styling attempts, takes centre stage in this light-hearted blog. Inspired by a spa encounter, the author explores the unexpected sisterhood that emerges when two strangers bond over their shared frizzy hair woes. With a dash of humour, we delve into the power of commiseration and the surprising connections we can make through the common struggle against frizziness..

The Spa Visit: A Frizzy Fiasco

As I walked into the spa, my eyes were fixated on the receptionist, whose hair could rival a Disney princess’s flawless locks. With a mix of admiration and envy, I couldn’t help but blurt out how stunning her hair was. Little did I know that my own frizzy hair would soon become the star of the show. Cue the dramatic entrance of my untamed mane, causing havoc and chaos in the already humid air. I simply, shamelessly launched into a ten-minute rant about my hair’s diva-like behaviour.

Discovering Unexpected Sisterhood… Over Frizz!

In the midst of my frizz-fuelled monologue, I noticed another client waiting for her treatment call. Oops! It was time to embarrassingly apologize for subjecting her to my hair tantrum. In a self-deprecating tone, I admitted, “You probably think I’m off my rocker!” To my surprise, she smiled back, letting her own frizz flag fly high, and confessed that she, too, was all too familiar with the frizz struggles. In that instant, we became frizz-fighting comrades, finding solace in our shared madness.

The Therapeutic Power of Frizz-filled Venting

While my rant may not have magically transformed my wild tresses into silky smooth locks, it did achieve an unexpected outcome. As I unleashed my hair woes, I felt a strange sense of relief. It was as if I had emptied out all the frizz-induced negativity, making space for some much-needed inner peace. So much peace, in fact, that I dozed off peacefully during my spa treatment, blissfully unaware of my hair’s ongoing rebellion.

Discovering Unexpected Sisterhood… Over Frizz!

In the aftermath of my spa adventure, I couldn’t help but ponder the infectious nature of frizzy hair. It seemed like the monsoon season had unleashed a viral wave of frizz-infested heads, all desperately seeking refuge at the salon for keratin treatments and the like. Even my initially hesitant stylist had surrendered to the frizz frenzy, realizing the demand for remedies that could calm the wildest of manes. And hey, he’d also get to touch up my hair colour and rake in some extra bucks – talk about a win-win situation!


In this whirlwind of frizz and laughter, I learned a valuable lesson: sisterhood can emerge from the most unexpected places. Through our shared hair woes, my fellow frizz-fighter and I discovered a bond that transcended the absurdity of our frizzy situations. So, next time you find yourself in a hairy predicament, remember that laughter and camaraderie can be the best styling tools. Embrace the madness, and who knows, you might just stumble upon a hilarious and heart-warming connection with a fellow frizz warrior.

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