Time Is…

Does time pass by us, or do we travel through time? Does space shift to accommodate us, or do we accommodate space within us?

These two questions kept playing in mind, as I woke up this morning, worked out at the gym and all the more while taking a shower. Usually, the toilet, bathroom, shower, etc., is the most comforting place for my mind, where it rests to let me soul ignite its creative intelligence. The questions flow, as do the answers; but this time I feel my intellect indulging in acrobats trying to find the answer to this.

Let me make it simple for you, dearest intellect. You don’t need to do summersaults to get this one out of your box. Let’s just relax and take a few deep breaths, place the fingers on the keyboard and allow the answer to flow, just like that.

Hold on! I need a sip of coffee to trigger the energy to flow through the fingers. I need to feel that metabolic rush through cells of my body to muster the courage to type on as the thoughts flow. For the thoughts that flow through my fingers punching the keys of my laptop come from a space and time that I belong to.

All that needs to be known flows from somewhere that may seem like it is beyond, but in fact it is all in the here and now. There is no time beyond – neither in the past, nor in the future. Time is all in the now. Similarly there is no space beyond – neither in the there of another dimension, nor the there of another parallel existence. Space is all in the now.

Neither do we pass through time, nor does time past through us. Time is the constant that remains in the now, even though we feel there is movement. We pass through day and night, as a concept put to us. However, do we really feel the motion of passing through night and day. Tune into the constant of time and all movement becomes an illusion.

Time is so vast, beyond the finite realms of possibilities, opportunities, and infinity. Feeling the expansiveness of time is what takes us to the awareness of miracles happening, rather than us actually manifesting miracles. 

The body surely ages and goes through wear and tear; yet while it helps us know the units of time, it still cannot define time. No effort goes into wearing and tearing the body; and yet we make every effort to make it younger and more elastic, because we believe that we pass through the ravages of time.

Time is not ravage. Time does not change, and yet time constantly changes all. Yes, there is no such thing as good times, or bad times. It is all time! Time does not change. Time definitely changes us. Time in its stillness, flows as the breath of The Universe igniting minds to play their roles. On a magnanimous level, time brings evolution and revolution, and yet it is constant. Time allows the being to experience, and yet we feel that time is what changes.

Neither does time, nor the soul change. The Universe is the constant through which we experience dynamism. However, we tend to lose ourselves to this constant need to move, only because we believe time is moving.

Often, I feel time goes by so fast that I have no time left to accomplish what I need to. Well, the fact is that we don’t own time. We can only take ownership of our actions. In fact, the husband and I almost always keep telling each other, its amazing how fast time is ticking.

However, today I feel like time tells me, it doesn’t tick! It’s the mechanism of the watch that ticks. We believe that we can capture time on watches and clocks, because it tells us the time. Well, it does not tell us the time; it tells us when we need to do, something, even if it is nothing.

The husband loves his watches, and with honour and respect he owns them. Sometimes I feel he believes that he owns not just the best of watches, but the time. He often quotes, what has been said time and again: “The watch on wrist tells the time of a man.”  

Well, I feel that has been wrongly worded, for according to me, the watch on the wrist tells the wealth, or money, or prosperity a man earns, or has, or has come into. Yet, it speaks of the generosity of the man towards himself. However you put it, the more he spends on his watch, it is only because he has the capacity to purchase it. 

Mind you, there is a distinction between the capacity to own a great watch and the authentic “I can afford to buy it from hard-earned income.”

According to the husband, the man with capacity will not know what goes into making the watch, but definitely knows the brand he wears and flaunts its price tag in conversations. On the other hand, the one who purchases his dream watches from his hard-earned income, does not flaunt his watch, but simply wears it on his wrist, so that he is aware of his time.

I wonder what the husband would say if I tell him that the watch does not tell the time, as time cannot be quantified, nor contained, nor ticked away! Oh well, I am sure the revelation will have him look at me, listen to me and then browse through Instagram salivating over watches.

Back to understanding time. The problem lies in the fact that we consider the units of time to be time. However, time is beyond every limited unit. It is beyond light years, epochs, eras, ages, centuries, scores, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds… It was before the creation of the universe and beyond its destruction and re-creation. Time is neither “was”, nor is it “will be”. Time says to me right here, right now, “Time is.”

The magnanimity of time’s truest existence Is This Breath. Actually, it is the space between the incoming and outgoing breath. It is the space between the outgoing and incoming breath. Time is space. Time is the motionless, stillness, peaceful paralysis where nothing happens, yets all continues to happen.

Time cannot be defined by the emotions, nor the thoughts, nor the units. Time is neither a phas nor an event. Time is neither history, nor science, nor captured by geography.

Time is so vast and yet so tiny that it takes innocent simplicity to accept its being, without needing a brand to confine it.

The space between each breath is time. And yet, if time needs to be defined as good or bad, well it all depends on how noisy the mind is in the space between the breath, how slow and steady the flow of the breath is. How still the being is even while upheavals surround the being.

Time is goo to you when you connect to its stillness. Time will teach lessons that will bring you back to the stillness. The lessons of time is what we consider as bad times, but truly they are the best, as they bring opportunities to come into awareness of the space within which we exist.

Our so-called time spent on the journey through the body cannot be quantified by the units of the clocks and watches, for it is a measure of our breaths. 

The hands of the clock will only tell you what you need to do when; and your breath will simply make you do all that needs to be done here and now. 

Let that watch on your wrist or the clock that adorns your room be a reminder of your need to do something, or maybe nothing. However, don’t let it be the definition of the experience you go through; for in still there is no movement. Where there is no movement there is no definition. All that gets defined, is that which is not a constant, just as the tides that ebb and flow. The tide that rises, shall fall. However, the time that is, is always.

I feel like I have wasted breaths on allowing the clatter and clamour to take me away from the stillness. Yet, the stillness that prods me to type, reveals, “This moment of calmness inspires you, and yet the next moment could shake you. Effortlessly allow the breath to come and go, while your awareness is on the space, for that is time, and that is the space. Neither does time pass by, nor does space shift. Neither do you pass through tunnels of time or space. You glide along, with time and space, experiencing, all that is meant to be experienced on this plane.”

I hold not time, no hourglass can confine the dynamism of time and space. This awareness brings so much peace that even the raging hormones cannot affect me, at least for now!

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