The Chakras

Chakra means ‘wheel’. It is believed that we have chakras that guide the momentum of the body. The wheels of life. According to the texts every cell of our body has its own chakra. Imagine how many lifetimes it would take to study of function of the chakras at a cellular level! 

Many experts in the field of healing have dived so deep into the study of chakras that that they have gone far beyond the seven major chakras that we commonly know. Those that use the modality of core somatic integration and another modality of radical healing, which is a part of pendulum healing have listed many minor chakras to help one understand their body functioning and malfunctioning better.

At the very basis of understanding chakras is to be aware that we are all energy bodies. Do you remember in physics we were taught about the three states based on the molecule binding of each? – Solid, liquid and gas. 

Well, in the metaphysical plane of understanding the spiritual scientists discovered that our body is made up of the three states – the solid body with compact cells; the blood and other fluids comprise the liquid state and the breath is the gaseous state.

Thus, the human body is a complete energy body. What drives the body? It is the energy that is fuel, hydration, and food. However, the wheels are of prime importance. The chakras! Understanding the main chakras is more than enough to be able to maintain a nourished, balanced, healthy body. This is definitely not to say that medical science can be ignored. Going through any kind of chakra healing therapy does not replace medicine. It helps speed up the recovery, as well as you maintain a healed body.

The chakra system is based on understanding all levels of our being.

The first and primary level of our existence is the physical body. It is the grossest level of existence. It is the solid state of our being.

The second level of existence is the mind or emotional body. This has a large impact on our physical well-being. As is often said, a healthy mind is a healthy. A calm mind is a fit body. A happy mind is a nourished body.

The third level of existence is the intellect. This is the storehouse of all our judgements, opinions, biases, prejudices, based on all that we are taught, our perceptions and impressions.

More subtle than the mind is the ego. The ego that recognises the differences and discriminations, that is steeped in comparisons and nourishes complexes, envy and jealousy if it is imbalanced. 

Going subtler is the memory level of existence. Here is stored all out memories. For those who believe in past lives and reincarnation, the memory is where every experience exists. The memory is where our triggers are resting till stirred by an event, situation, emotional response, judgement, etc. An unpleasant trigger activated is explosive for every level of our existence, right from our physical body to our ego; which causes imbalances and therefore ill-health. A pleasant trigger takes us along the path of inspiration and motivation to care four ourselves and our world.

Subtler than the memory is the soul. The soul is here in this body experiencing life through the physical body, mind, intellect, ego and memories. However, the soul does not depend on thoughts to communicate with the body. The soul communicates through subtle feelings; which we call intuitions. 

Intuitions are not just good feelings; but can also be feelings that warn us and signal us in case of danger or harm. The soul knows what the body imagines. The soul is aware while the mind guesses. The soul is accepts while the intellect judges. The soul unites while the ego divides. The soul learns and experiences, while the memory triggers all emotional ammunitions. 

Subtler than the soul on the human journey is the realm of the Angels – the Messengers of the Universal Consciousness. The mind, intellect and ego have given angels names and forms; however, the soul only feels the presence and passes the message through feelings and instincts.

The subtlest of all our levels of existence is Universal Consciousness; where the body is not an identity, but simply a vehicle of life. The Oneness of Being!

The chakras are wheels of our life that help us transcend the experiences and emotional triggers to find balance and openness to the communications of the soul, angels and Universal consciousness.

The nature of the body is to go through wear and tear. For all that is created goes through life to be destroyed. What pervades the cycle of birth and death is energy, time, spirit, soul, consciousness, divinity, whatever you may call it.

The struggle through life is to swim through the ocean and return to the shores of being. The body is not being; nor is the mind, intellect, ego, nor memory. Being is the soul. Being is the breath, the life force called ‘prana’.

The chakras function to bring about a balance in every level of existence. Imbalances cause disruption in health, well-being an fitness. If the body is immersed in the emotions, then it is sickly, weak, disturbed. If it is immersed in the intellect; the body is stiff, inflexible and suffers from ailments and torments due to this. If the body is immersed in the ego then it feels inferior or superior, either ways it is insecure and complexed making it self-destructive. If the body is immersed in memories, then it is weak and battered, injured, bruised, with organs prone to wounds. If the body is immersed in the soul, then there is balance and acceptance, and any imbalance is just fleeting, passing by and does not affect it; even though it may seem like a life-threatening situation to come by.

Awareness and understanding of the chakras helps us heal our body, through understanding which level of our existence afflicts us. Learning about chakras helps you become increasing mindful towards becoming aware of which level of your existence is triggering an imbalance. 

You are a work in progress from the day you are born. Every level of your existence holds pieces of the puzzle that comes together to be a whole. Mindfulness towards your chakras is a continuous process. The more you learn and explore, the more you learn and experience, the more healthy you are at every level of existence.

This entire podcast is to help you become more mindful towards the chakras, thereby being mindful of your health and wellness.