What people say?

1. After the meditation sessions with you I feel so energetic, its magical! 💫
 I’ve been very quiet & anxious over the past month due to the uncertainty of the life ahead and what’s happening around us, and wasn’t being able to express myself!
This is the first time I’ve attempted meditation. Thank you so much for this, I’m very greatful and blessed to be a part of this journey with you! 🤗❤️😇

Karishma Chatrapati
Director of KUC
2. They say when the student is ready the teacher shows up. You have have shown up at the most vunerable time in history. I was never a person of discipline but past few weeks have made me disciplined to do these meditations. You have healed me to a large extent and am sure I will heal more along the way. I aspire to one day be like you and help those that need healing. The world is a better place because of your work. From the bottom of my heart I say " Thank You " 🙏 Love Grace Gratitude.
3. I have truly enjoyed my 10-day meditation journey with Karishma and have learned a lot about the chakra system and our energy centres. The daily meditations are something i look forward to as it brings me to the depths of my mind. Both the gyan (knowledge) and the meditation make me understand my body, mind and soul even more. Thank you so much Karishma, for your patience and your dedication in showing up everyday to guide us. This journey from me back to me is something i will forever value.
Hong kong
4. A soft, pleasant tone, deep research and an understanding of the subject makes Karishma’s guided meditation a calming as well as introspective and informative experience. She explains and links the age old teachings of the Bhagwad Gita and chakra gyaan, effortlessly into our daily lives and modern day turbulences leaving me feeling lighter and more positive. I love the fact that her meditations are simple to follow yet very very effective in that, she leaves me feeling more confident in dealing with my stress and thoughts. Thank you Karishma for the beautiful experience.
Radha Desai
Creative Staylish