Karishma Biography

Karishma Biography
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Major achievements:
  • Certificate of Appreciation from H.R.H., Prince of Wales (for writing a bedtime story in Royal Book at Bedtime, UK)
  • Nominated for inclusion in “Who Will Be Who in the 21st Century”- (International Biographical Centre Cambridge)









Other Courses:
  • Degree I and II – Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Expressive Art Therapy
  • Art of Living Basic and Advance Courses
  • Graphology and Graphotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Art as Therapy
  • Varied art and craft certificate courses such as Warli Painting, Ceramic Painting, Coffee Painting, etc.
  • Advanced Sketching Course and Basic Course in Calligraphy, Tulika Arts Centre


Work Experience:
  • Nursery School Teacher: 3 years
  • Assistant Director, Showbiz Entertainment: 1 year
  • Researcher, Pixel Alliance: 6 months (Project)
  • Future Markets: 3 years
  • Freelance writer for ICLeo.com
  • Editor and Writer, DI Publications: 3 years
  • Faculty – Gee Bee Overseas Education – IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, Basic English, Advance English, Personality Development; along with documentation for students going abroad for further studies (5 years)
  • Sub-Editor and Columnist, On Track Suburbs (Local Newspaper): 3 years
  • Writing children’s books for Image Book
  • Freelancer for Westside Plus, Bombay Times and Sunday Midday
  • Set up Corporate Newsletters
  • Copywriting
  • Visualizing
  • Trainer in Basic English, Advance English, Grooming and Etiquette, Personality Development and Communication Skills
  • Trainer with Shanaz Anand Institute for Grooming and Etiquette
  • Editor-in-Chief – NEWS 24 (The channel took off for a period of 6 months in major pockets of Mumbai before it was sold to its present owners) – (2 years)
  • Editor – Magna Publishing Company Limited (Book Division); Copy Editor – Stardust and Citadel (Pune), Society (4 years)
  • Editor/Content Provider – Indianchid.com
  • Knowledge Partner (Mindset & Wellness) – Fitza The Digital Wellness Buddy.

Training Programs :
  • CFCI (BPO) – Motivation Training
  • Frost and Sullivan – Business Grooming and Etiquettes
  • Adventity – English Communication Skills
  • Mitsui O.S.K. Lines – Communication Skills
  • Bristle Cone – Business Communication Skills
  • Emmay HR – Business Communication Skills, Business Grooming and Etiquette
  • FootFalls – Director – Learning and Training Solutions (Newly established company in the area of Retail recruiting and Training – Still in the planning stage)
  • Education/Mentor – Restore Professional Program – Soft Skills
  • Pretti Slim Clinic – Motivation and Client Empathy (For Dieticians)
  • Reliance Mutual Funds – Business Communication Skills
  • SMM-ART – Consultant, Learning and Development
  • Aspirations Unlimited – Columnist
  • Enrich Salons – Grooming, Creativity and Motivation, Stress Management, Attitude

Published works:

  • New Age Wisdom From Ancient Knowledge (Coffee Table Book on Sri Sri Ravishankar) – Magna Publishing Company
  • Precious Gems of Wisdom… Mahatma Gandhi – Magna Publishing Company
  • Precious Gems of Wisdom… Mother Teresa – Magna Publishing Company
  • Precious Gems of Wisdom… Dalai Lama – Magna Publishing Company
  • Precious Gems of Wisdom… Sri Sathya Sai Baba – Magna Publishing Company
  • Complete Grammar Book – Times Books
  • Productivity Multiplier – Co Authored with Santosh Nair (A Motivational Speaker)


Coaching and Guidance:
  • ·        Emotional Wellness
  • ·        Mid-Life Awareness
  • ·        Inner Transformation
  • ·        Guided Meditations
  • ·        Mindfulness
  • ·       Expressive Art therapy
  • ·        Self-Awareness
  • ·        Inspiration
  • ·        Life Purpose
  • ·        Spiritual Well Being 
Educational Background:
I.C.S.E., Bombay Scottish School:1991
  • MA in Clinical Psychology, IGNOU: 2015
  • MS in Psychotherapy and Counseling, Institute of Psychotherapy and Management studies: 2003
  • Advanced Diploma Psychological Science, Madras University – By Correspondence,Equivalent to MA Psychology: 1998
  • Writers Course, Cambridge University (England), Writer’s Bureau, Correspondence:1997
  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature Major, Jai Hind College: 1996
  • I.C.S.E., Bombay Scottish School: 1991 

Navigating the path of self-description has proven to be quite the challenge for me. The task of crafting my “About Me” page has been persistently postponed – truth be told, I’ve been quite the expert in the art of procrastination! Nevertheless, one cannot indefinitely evade such a task. And so, here I am, taking a leap and embarking on this endeavor.

 Yet, I must admit that I found a method that truly resonates with my style – the comfort of journaling. With this approach, I present myself: Karishma Udit Chhatrapati. As you scroll, I’ll share my journey in a format that I hope you’ll find approachable and enjoyable – concise, lively snippets that allow you to delve into my world. My aim is for you to get to know me well enough to place your trust in my ability to guide you toward the discovery of spiritual fulfillment while navigating the human experience in this lifetime.

My Beginning; Karishma Bajaj

My Origin Story: Karishma Bajaj

 My journey commenced in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India, where I was born on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the 24th of November, 1974. My first passport bore the name of Bombay – the city that has seen me through every chapter of my life. As a baby, I was chubby-cheeked and bright-eyed, leading to the nickname “Chinky” until my official name came along. After careful consideration, I was christened Karishma, meaning “Miracle.”

 My early years saw a twist of fate as my mother ventured to London, leaving me in the care of my grandparents while she joined my father pursuing his education in Business Management and Chartered Accountancy. These early days were spent between the warm embrace of my maternal and paternal grandparents, although the experience laid the foundation for my struggles with insecurity.

From my toddlerhood to my formative years, London became my backdrop. Though the journey was peppered with both delightful and challenging moments, I’ve come to realize that my childhood presented unique trials. The arrival of my younger sister introduced me to the intricate web of feeling inferior, marked by shades of jealousy and envy.

Growing up, I grappled with an intricate blend of inferiority complex, enmeshed with the bitterness of envy, convinced that my parents favored my sister over me. Amidst these darker emotions, there were also rays of light – my burgeoning talent for creative writing, my academic prowess in London, the love of my grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and my vivid daydreams that often led me to the cosmos. Hard part was the slap I would get for being distracted!

It’s these early experiences that have etched the contours of my journey and infused it with both struggle and triumph, leading me on the path to understanding and guiding others through their unique emotional landscapes.

My Later Childhood Through Beyond My Teens

As I transitioned into my later childhood years, life saw us return to India, a turning point that marked the escalation of my internal battles. These were the times when my personal struggles intensified, leaving behind wounds that time and wisdom have slowly healed, yet the scars remain as reminders of my resilience. This phase proved to be an arduous one, marked by experiences that would later shape my journey towards emotional wellness.

My young heart bore the weight of multiple challenges. I found myself grappling with internal anxieties. The specter of child sexual abuse cast a long shadow over my years, a painful reality that I had to confront and ultimately overcome.

During this period, life’s circumstances had me living apart from my parents, while my sister resided with them. This physical separation only deepened the wells of my inferiority complex, exacerbated by my struggle with below-average grades in school. The weight of these burdens seemed overwhelming, yet it was these very challenges that ignited the spark within me to seek a path of healing and transformation.

As I tread through the maze of adolescence and beyond, I discovered my innate strength, gradually realizing that my past experiences were not my identity, but rather stepping stones towards my mission to guide others towards emotional well-being. This chapter of my life, marked by adversity, eventually led me to unearth the tools and insights that now fuel my passion to illuminate the path of emotional empowerment for Midlife Bloomers like you.

Being Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

My journey took an unexpected twist upon the completion of my tenth-grade exams. During what was meant to be a period of restful vacation, I fell gravely ill, teetering on the precipice of life itself. The aftermath delivered a life-altering diagnosis: Type 1 Diabetes, a condition demanding a lifelong reliance on insulin. Thus, my intense internal anxieties manifested Type 1 Diabetes through the sheer force of my worries.

In 1991, facing the realities of this diagnosis was no small feat. Social stigma surrounded the condition, and the lack of proper education and awareness only compounded the challenge. The landscape was rife with obstacles, and my path was laden with struggles.

The societal pressures of that time manifested in even my closest circles. My grandmother, burdened by societal norms, urged my parents to keep my condition hidden, fearing it would hamper my prospects for marriage. These early impressions etched themselves deeply into my psyche, becoming the foundations of the trials and triumphs that would greet me in the years to come.

The turbulence of this phase not only tested my physical resilience but also laid the groundwork for my unwavering determination to overcome adversity. Amidst the darkness, I was inadvertently preparing for a life’s mission that would be characterized by empowerment, growth, and the discovery of inner strength.

Embarking on a Spiritual Journey:

Amidst the challenges of my life, a transformative encounter awaited—one that would introduce me to the realm of spirituality. During this pivotal phase, I crossed paths with Sufi Master Sai Badshah, a figure transcending the confines of religion and hailed as a scholar at Cambridge University. His influence on my life was profound and far-reaching.

However, even before this meeting, my connection with the world of meditation had already taken root in my life. Despite the rough terrain of my childhood, I was fortunate to have been introduced to meditation at a tender age by my father. This foundation was instrumental in nurturing a natural affinity within me for both focused awareness and daydreaming, seamlessly embracing the practice and finding solace within its depths.

During my final year of high school, I took on the responsibility of walking a young boy to the bus stop every day. He affectionately referred to me as “Didi,” an elder sister figure in his life. When illness overtook me and I found myself bedridden in a hospital ward, this young boy and his parents turned to their Guru, Sai Badshah, for prayers and guidance. Remarkably, Sai Badshah assured them of my recovery, predicting my return home on June 24th, 1991. To my astonishment, his prediction rang true.

Months later, Sai Badshah graced Mumbai with his presence. It was during this visit that he introduced me to meditation and the world of spirituality. The experience brought a profound sense of peace into my life, catalyzing a shift within me. Notably, my academic journey also began to ascend during this time, and I excelled in my studies throughout college.

Sai Badshah’s wisdom and guidance marked my initiation into a lifelong quest for spiritual growth. The encounter served as a beacon that illuminated my path, enriching my journey and setting me on a trajectory to share the transformative power of spirituality with others.

blueprints of what was coming to me later in life!

Navigating a Crisis: A Battle with Suicidal Depression

After completing my college education, life took an abrupt turn that plunged me into a whirlwind of emotional turmoil. Simultaneously, my parents’ marriage unraveled, culminating in an acrimonious divorce that left deep wounds in its wake. Amidst this upheaval, I found myself entangled in a relationship that didn’t resonate with my heart—a connection I was coerced into by well-intentioned forces. The prospect of an engagement loomed, but fate dealt a cruel blow as his parents abruptly called off the engagement due to my parents’ divorce. It was a shattering blow that further amplified my emotional distress.

Amidst the chaos, I felt neglected and dismissed. My parents’ divorce seemed to overshadow my own identity and struggles. This overwhelming sense of abandonment and loss led me down a dark path of suicidal depression. Overwhelmed by despair, I even abandoned taking my insulin, a slow and torturous path I embarked upon, with the intent of fading away.

Regrettably, my chosen path led to a different outcome—an onset of tuberculosis in my lungs. The enforced rest and solitude that followed became an unexpected turning point. In the stillness, I uncovered a newfound sense of peace and a spark of awakening. This period of seclusion was the crucible where my desire to make a meaningful impact on the world was born. I yearned to dedicate my life to something greater—something that would inspire, guide, and uplift others in their darkest hours. Just as I had discovered a wellspring of inspiration within myself, I aspired to help others unveil their own hidden reserves of strength.

It was during this fragile phase of emergence that my father emerged as a beacon of hope, introducing me to the compass that would guide me towards transformation. He introduced me to the Art of Living course—a profound experience that marked my deeper plunge into spirituality. This course was a pivotal moment that unlocked doors within me, leading to profound shifts. Over the years, I was fortunate to immerse myself in the therapeutic, empowering, and transformational guidance of Sri Sri Ravishankar and senior teachers within the organization. Their mentorship, guidance, and reflection allowed me to gather the courage necessary to navigate through life’s storms. This chapter illuminated my path towards a purposeful existence, amplifying my desire to stand as a source of strength for others on their journeys.

Forging a Career Path: A Journey to Empowerment (Until 2010)

Emerging from the depths of my struggle, I understood that the road ahead would not be smooth. I steeled myself for the challenges that lay ahead, aware that resilience would be my greatest ally. The aftermath of my parents’ divorce had left our family in financial disarray, forcing my father to sell our home, leaving us to navigate life in rented quarters. The weight of financial instability was a shared burden, and my sister and I took on the responsibility of augmenting our income to make ends meet.

While my father valiantly continued to contribute, our combined efforts were never enough to achieve true comfort. This realization propelled me to chart a course for financial independence and stability. With a spirit of determination and pride, I ventured into the realm of journalism, which eventually led me to an editorial desk role. My passion for understanding the human psyche propelled me to simultaneously pursue a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy & Counselling, as well as Psychology.

For eight years, I embraced a life of juggling roles—Editor, Freelance Writer, and Corporate Coach and Psychotherapist. Each role was a vital thread in my tapestry of self-sufficiency. By 2008, the call to focus exclusively on Coaching, Psychotherapy, and Counselling became undeniable. This shift marked a turning point, allowing me to employ a diverse array of modalities to assist my clients on their paths of growth and self-discovery.

My journey thus far was more than a career—it was a testament to my determination and resilience. With every challenge met, I stood taller, empowered by the knowledge that my experiences were shaping me into a beacon of inspiration and strength for others. This phase was a prelude to a chapter in my life that would be dedicated to guiding individuals towards emotional wellness, empowerment, and transformation.

Empowering Through Healing: Unveiling Depth in My Practice

Transitioning into the role of a full-time Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Counsellor in 2008 marked the dawn of a profound chapter in my journey. With each stride, I dove deeper into the realm of healing, embracing my role with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a genuine passion for transformation.

My dedication went beyond the perfunctory—every avenue of healing became a realm of exploration. Each modality was a gateway to understanding the complexities of the human psyche and the vast spectrum of emotional experience. I immersed myself in a continuous cycle of learning and practice, a tireless quest to master the art of guiding individuals towards emotional well-being.

This journey led me not only across the realms of psychology and psychotherapy but also into the profound depths of spirituality. I delved into spiritual practices, embracing modalities that ranged from Tarot and Angel Card Reading to the intricate Hindu rites and rituals viewed through a spiritual lens. Crystal healing, Reiki, guided meditations, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, astrology, rune casting, crystal ball gazing, art therapy, and the intricacies of handwriting and signature analysis—all these threads wove together a tapestry of tools at my disposal. My arsenal of modalities was as diverse as the individuals I aimed to empower.

Conducting workshops and individual counseling sessions became my canvas, each interaction a stroke of transformational impact. The joy of witnessing individuals unravel their inner inspiration, to see them shed the shackles of their limitations and boldly step into dynamic paradigm shifts, was a reward beyond measure.

My hat, figuratively adorned with an array of modalities, mirrored my dedication to crafting personalized journeys of healing. Every choice of modality was tailored to the needs of clients and groups alike. Through each approach, my ultimate goal was to unveil the transformative power within every individual, lighting the path towards emotional wellness.

The workshops I led and the counseling sessions I conducted became not just professional milestones, but a profound source of fulfillment. The smiles, the restored sense of self, and the blessings I received in return were the priceless gems that enriched my path. Each success story etched itself into the narrative of my journey, reaffirming my purpose and propelling me forward with renewed vigor and dedication.

The Transition to Karishma Udit Chhatrapati: Embracing Transformation

The unfolding of a new chapter in my life at the age of 42 taught me the profound unpredictability of existence. On a serendipitous 1st of February in 2016, I embarked on a blind high tea date with a man who would soon become an integral part of my life’s narrative. This introduction, orchestrated by mutual friends, became the prologue to a transformative connection that would reshape the very fabric of my journey.

By the close of that very year, on the 20th of December, our shared path led us to exchange vows—a commitment that spanned far beyond a mere date on the calendar. This union introduced me to the role of a wife and, in the most beautiful surprise, extended the gift of motherhood through Harsh (Founder & CEO – Galgal)[KC1] . Additionally, Tycoon, a loving golden retriever, joined our family through adoption, adding another layer of warmth to our home. And, now we are being blanketed in one more layer of love with Rachelle, our daughter-in-marriage (I feel ‘in-law’ is best for the documents).

As I embraced these new roles, life ushered me into a sabbatical—a period that stretched beyond my initial expectations. This phase of my journey wasn’t just about the roles I played; it was a time of profound exploration and reconnection with myself. This was the chapter where I gave wings to my creative inclinations through workshops that brought my dormant talents to life. I reveled in the art, craft, travel, exploration, reading, and socializing that colored my days. It was a phase of vibrant self-discovery, as I transformed into a veritable butterfly—flitting from one endeavor to another, exploring the spectrum of my interests.

But as life’s narrative often takes unexpected turns, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the trajectory of our stories. The world found itself thrust into lockdowns and uncharted territory, and our lives underwent a profound shift. The stillness that descended upon the world during the pandemic was a stark contrast to the vibrant exploration I had been enjoying.

During this period of global uncertainty, my innate desire to contribute, share, and guide found its calling. Drawing from my reservoir of knowledge and experience, I embarked on a journey to offer solace, support, and a sense of purpose to those grappling with the pandemic’s impact. What began as free webinars and podcasts blossomed into a comprehensive mission to equip individuals with the tools they needed to navigate the challenging emotional landscape.

This chapter, marked by personal growth, exploration, and a passion to support others, forms an integral part of my journey. It has sculpted me into the person I am today—a torchbearer of transformation, resilience, and unwavering dedication to self-discovery.

From here & now onwards…

In 1997, on the 24th of November, as I celebrated my 22nd birthday, a parallel celebration marked the literary achievement of Arundati Roy, who coincidentally shares the same birthdate. Her Man Booker Award for the book “The God of Small Things” cast a unique significance on that day. Amidst the flickering candles, I made a promise to myself—to accumulate the knowledge and experience necessary to pen my own books after crossing the threshold of 42. Despite the recognition I’ve received for my creative writing skills, the deep dive into writing the book that simmered within still awaited its opportune moment. I understood that every endeavor has its own divine timing, and I trusted that I would align with it when the moment was right.

In the interim, I pursued creative writing courses, delved into podcasting, and continued my coaching journey. Candidly, I kept myself busy, for I held a healthy respect for the idle mind’s potential mischief.

The pandemic, with its upheaval, offered me a unique vantage point to assess my aspirations. It prompted me to refine my career goals from a multifaceted mental health practitioner to a specialist in Emotional Wellness. I set forth on a mission to craft content that would rouse people from their slumber, encouraging them to embrace life to its fullest.

I must admit, venturing into the universe of social media as a woman in her mid-forties (currently approaching 50) is an endeavor that invokes both excitement and trepidation. At times, I feel like a teenager—neither child nor adult—straddling the realms of digital expression. When fear or anxiety creep up, I confront these emotions head-on, recognizing that by addressing them, I empower myself to scale the metaphorical mountains and sail towards my horizon.

So, from this juncture, “here & now,” my journey is defined by my role as an Emotional Wellness Expert and an Inspirational Wordsmith. The canvas of midlife blooming stretches before me, an open invitation to embrace the wisdom of experience, the transformative power of emotional well-being, and the boundless potential that resides within each of us.

Why Emotional Wellness?

Why Emotional Wellness?

Emotions are the heartbeats of our journey, propelling us towards our best selves while occasionally holding us back. Life unfolds through the prism of our emotions, influencing how we perceive and engage with the world. Our emotional landscape is an intricate map of past experiences, present realities, and future possibilities. When emotions from our past stir within us, they cast shadows over the present and potentially cloud our future.

Forgiveness alone is sometimes not enough to liberate ourselves from the shackles of emotional pain. It requires a conscious process of acknowledging the past, releasing pent-up emotions associated with it, and embracing a sense of closure. This transformative journey guides us to find peace in the present.

My personal voyage through emotional healing became undeniably evident when faced with the prospect of a hysterectomy. While my physical recovery wasn’t my doctor’s primary concern, he highlighted the vital importance of managing my emotional state. The storms of hormonal imbalance could challenge my emotional stability, ultimately impacting my well-being.

Little did I realize the tempest of emotions that lay beneath the surface. As the procedure loomed, a deluge of pent-up emotions emerged, and I allowed myself to experience them fully. I confronted memories of a childhood dream of motherhood that I had suppressed. Although life had taken an alternate course, leading me away from that dream, the impending procedure brought my emotions to the surface.

Amidst tears and self-reflection, I confronted the pain, hurt, and anger I had long suppressed. I opened up to my husband about the depths of my unfulfilled dreams and embarked on a journey of meditation, journaling, and seeking forgiveness from my inner child. As the clouds of emotion lifted, I found myself ready for the surgery with a heart full of gratitude, hope, and happiness.

This experience solidified my path toward becoming an Emotional Wellness Expert. We are all emotional beings, and harnessing the power of emotional wellness is the key to thriving amid life’s challenges. Emotional wellness surpasses mere emotional intelligence; it forms the bedrock of holistic health—mental, physical, financial, personal, professional, spiritual, and environmental.

Embracing emotional wellness facilitates the transition from emotional bondage to emotional liberation. As we untangle ourselves from the past and step into the present, procrastination loses its grip, and fear of failure dissolves. The present moment becomes a canvas for joy, unburdened by past attachments.

In my role as an Emotional Wellness Expert, I am here to guide you in your evolution from a Worrier to a Warrior. This transition is marked by a subtle yet profound shift—from obstructing life’s energy flow to embracing obstacles as catalysts for growth.

Our journey is multifaceted, tailored to your needs, and illuminated by the Midlife Blooming philosophy. Midlife is a transformative phase, a second awakening—an opportunity to reconnect with oneself and embrace growth. Through group sessions, online modules, inspirational talks, and content curation, I assist Midlife Bloomers like you in embracing the Know-Understand-Cultivate pathway to your best self.

This path is versatile, incorporating coaching, counseling, and therapeutic approaches—whether it’s through art, movement, music, or hypnotherapy. Each session is a collaborative endeavor, reflecting your unique needs and preferences.

As we navigate the path of emotional detoxification, cleansing, filling, and developing healthy habits, remember that your emotional wellness matters deeply. I invite you to join me in a journey of transformation, in unlocking your potential, and in the pursuit of a life brimming with emotional well-being.

The dawn of the KUC Approach to Emotional Wellness marked a turning point for me—an evolution from personal experiences to guiding others on their unique journeys. This approach encapsulates the essence of Midlife Blooming, emphasizing that our blooming begins by sowing seeds of knowledge, nurturing them with understanding, and cultivating self-awareness and wisdom. In embracing this approach, we unlock the potential to blossom into our fullest selves.

Together, we journey toward emotional well-being, empowerment, and fulfillment—illuminating the path for Midlife Bloomers to flourish, evolve, and embrace the beauty of their emotional landscape.

Your emotional wellness matters to me, therefore, I am.   

I warmly invite you to be a co-traveller on a path to emotional flourishing and self-discovery through the transformative midlife phase.

My Spiritual Teachers I am grateful to

I have a number of spiritual teachers I am grateful to.

On the top my list is my parents, who in spite of whatever their shortcomings are, they are both spiritual, intuitive and knowledgeable beings. I am thankful to have been born as their daughter.

Sai Badshah, who saved my life in 1991, and paved my path to being spiritual.

Rohini Desai, my Reiki Master

Sri Sri Ravishankar, who for me is my Sadguru, my Divine teacher, whose presence I feel all the time.

Sufidhar Dada, who made me aware of the divinity that breathes through me.

Doreen Virtue, who I have never met, but whose Angel Cards have helped me help people discover inspiration and positivity in their lives.

Hittesh Morjaria, who introduced me to the text of Swara Yoga, and explained to me the spiritual significance of the rites and rituals prescribed in the Vedas.

Roshan Mansukhani for being this magical music therapist who helped me go down many layers, returning to being authentically spiritual and aware of my self.

Mittal Lodhia for being my confidante, therapist, and someone who helps me steer my ship through the storms. You are precious to me.

Every teacher who introduced me to the varied modalities of healing and divination.

Every relationship and friendship that has taught my valuable lessons and brought me wisdom.

My Doctors, who have taken care of me, patiently and answering my many doubts so that I understand my body and its functioning better.