My Beginning
I was born in India in the city of Mumbai (stamped as Bombay in my first ever passport!), on a Sunday afternoon, on 24th November, 1974. I am told I was a chubby, bright-eyed baby; and in spite of that I was nicknamed Chinky, till they found me a name. After much research they named me Karishma, meaning “Miracle.”
My First encounter with Spirituality
        During the last year of my high school phase I used to walk a young boy to the bus stop. He had become my responsibility. And he would fondly address me as an older sister, calling me “Didi.” When I feel ill and was literally on the death bed of a hospital ward, this little boy and his parents had prayed for my recovery to their Guru Sai Badshah, who was then in England. He told them that I would recover and return home on 24th June (1991); and that is what happened. A few months later Sai Badshah visited Mumbai and he initiated me into meditation and spirituality. I found my peace, and I began to excel in studies right through college
Psychotherapist and Counsellor
From 2008, I immersed myself into being a fulltime Coach, Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I kept learning, I kept practising. I researched every modality of healing, and went deeper into spirituality. I loved the journey. I enjoyed helping people discover their inner inspiration, I was passionate about helping my clients push beyond their limitations to bring about dynamic paradigm shifts.

An Ode to a Daughter
Karishma Udit Chhatrapati comes to The Truth with soulful and expressive music in her art and words.
Intoxicating fragrance in her colours,
A shred of mystery in her compassion towards every hue, tint and shade.
Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, showers upon Karishma creative inspiration, as Goddess Sarawati bestows upon her the gift of creativity; and Goddess Parvati blesses her with compassionate Shakti.
Karishma’s creativity, be it the art or crafted words, is a gift that will bewilder the minds of appreciative admirers; as beautiful nature romances her vision and together they climax into the untameable spark of creativity.

A writer, counsellor & psychotherapist, an artist, an inspiring teacher, consultant trainer and a former editor, Karishma Chhatrapati has expertise in varied fields and has notably accomplished a lot in her journey so far.