Making No Sense out of Sense

Booh blah blloooo coooh sheee mom ok babi bo beeeee meeee shaaaa teeee kaaa seeeeayaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaa faallllaaaa haaamamamammmmaaaaaaaa papapapapa pabapmaamhaha kawararararaarraa yyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooolollolololololoooooooooooooooowweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Phew!

Feeling so light, and so relieved, because I have actually thrown out all the sense from my mind, and I feel like a blank page ready to script whatever inspires creativity. I am so empty and hollow that I feel love flow.

The problem with accumulating sense that adorns the intellect is that it takes us away from our natural being. We are so clouded, by what we consider to be sensibility that stiffens us, and stops the creative juices from blending into attractive and delicious mocktails; add a swig of confidence, then nobody can say no to the cocktail your creativity serves.

I first experienced the power of gibberish when I attended a workshop being conducted by someone who claimed to be a student of Osho. During the workshop she put us through a dynamic meditation that began with relaxing through deep long breaths, then moving the body to the rhythm of drumbeats, and then talking gibberish aloud.

At that point my mind turned into a monkey wondering what can be said gibberishly. What is the right way of gibberish. How many alphabets in the gibberish language? Which are the vowels and consonants? What would the words mean? Would the words coming together create a comprehensible language? Will I make any sense when I speak gibberish? So many questions, and all I knew was that I was simply going to follow the instructions.

At that point learning something new was the primary goal. I wanted to learn a new technique that would help my clients. 

Every now and then I would enrol for workshops that taught a different type of meditation, or healing method. I enjoyed learning in order to be empowered to empower my clients and my workshop participants. In the process I would submerge myself into the workshop to gain the maximum from it. After all I always believed that if it works for me, then it will definitely work for others. If it doesn’t work for me, it can still work for a selected few.

So, coming back to this session… After dancing to the drumbeats (I have no idea whether is in rhythm or not, as we had to keep our eyes closed while dancing. Thank goodness! But I do know I was extremely relaxed as I felt the stress drain out of my body as I moved.), we were told to either sit or lie down. After catching our breath we asked to become aware of ourselves being children who do not know how to speak, and yet voice themselves in a language only known to them. “Let the gibberish language of your inner toddler flow,” Our facilitator gently urged us.

Her full stop was the beginning of my flow of babble, hubbub, prattle, gabble, twaddle. It was just flowing like water. It was forceful. It was expressive. I could feel the flow of anger through some babble, hurt and pain through some twaddle, laughter through some hubbub. It was flowing, just-like-that, effortlessly.

“Slowly stop and take a deep breath to begin relaxing your mind, body and soul,” she instructed us. I felt I could go on, but realizing the silence around, I decided to simply follow the instructions.

When we were asked to open our eyes, I felt so hollow and empty; it felt like I had dropped a lot of weight. I asked the instructor how does this process work for us, and she replied with a tone of irritation in her voice, “Be with the process to enjoy the benefits. When you try to intellectualise it you lose the essence.”

Well, my intellect paused with a smile immersed in sarcasm, and said to my mind and ego, “Oh she doesn’t know the answer. She just blindly does what she is taught to do.” Yes, my intellect is always indulges itself in making sense from nonsense. 

The intellect wanted to see the sensibility in the process of nonsense gibberish. That is the problem! We want to always see the sense from the nonsense.

Hold your horses. Stop that galloping intellect that is always busy building wall of sensibility, brick-by-brick. 

When my intellect is on a break, or too tired to function, I actually make a lot of nonsense from sense. And it feels so good once I am done.

If somebody bothers me, I know reasoning out with them would make no sense, as it will only add to my miseries. Instead, I begin a gibberish banter in my mind, and within a minute or two, nothing really matters.

This has worked for me every time I am faced by the overly sensible crow in human body clothing. They just can’t stop cawing and clicking. Before my mind, nudges my intellect that in turn would nudge my ego to lead me to take regrettable action to stop their cawing, I switch on the flow of gibberish that keeps judgments at bay.

I also indulge in loud gibberish when alone, all alone. If something bothers me, and I know nothing can be done about it, I address it with mindful gabble. 

Oh yes! The biggest benefit of speaking gibberish is attained when it is done mindfully. This way all those toxic emotions will flow out. The anger, the hurt, the pain, the depression, the frustration, jealousy, the inferiority complex, the envy, the complaints, the whining, it will all go away.

To be honest, the entire peri-menopause phase with its crazily raging hormones, every now and then, tend to make me react on impulse. Most of the time impulsive reactions are easily triggered and the outcome is explosive. It is not nice. I do not like it, at all!

So, while facing a situation gibberish whispers in the head help me hold onto calmness. I also indulge in mindful blabbering when taking a shower, or if I am on the pot. 

The pot is an ideal place, because while one hole eliminates to solid wastes from the body, the other hole can be used effectively to release the emotional waste.

So, here is how it is done, effectively and mindfully: Allow the irritant – person or situation – to surface. Then allow yourself to say anything that makes no sense. In effect twaddle away nonsensically, yet mindfully so that it is not gibberish for the sake of gibberish, but gibberish that discards emotional garbage.  Let the gibberish flow take a tone of anger, or sadness, or excitement, or for that matter may just become a tuneful nonsense song with its own healing beats and rhythms. To increase the effectiveness of the process you could allow the body to sway, move; stomp your feet, punch your fists into the air. To stop, you don’t stop the flow, you allow the flow to stop when it stops. Then take a few deep breaths.

Truly, this is one of many processes that actually calms the storm created by my imbalanced hormones. I see my days move on calmly, and peacefully, with least amount of irritability. When I realise my emotions are enslaved by the hormones, or the hormones are being tormented by the emotional upheaval, I just address it all with gibberish.

The power of the process is in the fact that you are actually releasing garbage from within. 

The intellect collects knowledge that empowers it to make judgments, prejudices, biases. It delves in the right and the wrong. It believes that if it makes sense, then it is right. If it makes no sense then it is wrong. Yet, for that matter every inventor, explorer, success story is based on the plot of delving into the realm of no sense to create something that makes sense to the senses that are the tools of the intellect. 

The experience through the senses binds us to the walls of knowledge it brings to the intellect. It makes us stiff, rigid, stubborn. Over time we believe, “It’s my way or the highway.”

However, where slavery to the senses drops and freedom of the spirit is attained, creativity flows. Inspiration lights the flames of spontaneous innocence. The hormones are balanced, the storm within makes way for calmness. 

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