Dwell As The Self

The Self is a tiny word in the dictionary, and yet is the expanse of being beyond time and space. The self cannot be confined within limits. Though in this body at a specific place, you can travel to distance, and experience it, as though you are there. Yes, you are there when you travel through time and space. Yet, you feel this is an illusion. But it is not an illusion, it is reality. The self is so expansive that it can experience a parallel universe, all at once in a single moment.

We attach ourselves to all that we experience through this human body and consider it all real. However, is it all real considering that all that belongs to the past belongs to memory. All that belongs to the future belongs to desires and wishes, and hopes and ambitions. The only reality is this breath, not even this moment. Within this breath we can belong to space and time beyond limited imagination.

What we aspire to be or do, is in accordance with recognition of our own limitations. However, when we tap into the unlimited resources, then miracles flow. The Self is aware of the magnanimity of its being. It is aware of the unlimited beyond every limit. It is aware of the vastness of its own being. It is aware of its magnanimity. 

Within The Self is every level of existence – the gross physical body, the mind, the intellect, the ego, the memory, the soul (atma) and The Universal Consciousness (paramatma). Each level plays its own roles and has its own purpose, while we journey through each lifetime. The Self is the Spirit on a human journey, orchestrating every level of existence to experience the drama, the concert. 

The physical body is the vehicle used for each journey. Every organ functions in harmony with each other, just as every part of a car, ship, airplane, etc. On this journey, maintaining and servicing the body is important, in order to make most of the adventure. The Self triggers reminders when the body is tired and fatigued. That is when a displacement of ease happens, and the best way to heal the body is through rest. 

Rest is not only for the body, but also the mind, intellect, ego and memories, so that the soul and The Universal force can repair the worn out body. The Self oversees the entire process, as it flickers its Divine Light. 

The mind is played with to add to confusions and learn the art of making decisions. Important lessons are learnt through the weakness of the mind. Every confusion leads to a cacophony of chatter, till silence dawns, and no decision needs to be made. The Self observes this game, sets it into momentum, and enjoys watching the mind believe it is the real self in control. It hops around like a monkey until it is extremely tired. That’s when Self flows as intuitiveness.

The Self orchestrates the intellect to be a vessel of knowledge and enjoys the comical performance of judgements, prejudices and biases. So, first knowledge is collected, and then the intellect starts believing that it is greater than all others. Questions lead to more questions. The hook can only cause wounds. The Self watches this till the intellect is trapped in its net of judgments and questions. Then it says no more, and seeks the Ocean to dissolve its fire of angst and domination.

The self encourages the ego to sway between playing its sadcore with its Guqin, and the loudest drum encore to dominate all in its presence. The ego in its equanimity is aware of the self within which it exists as a level of existence of this human journey. The Self is entertained by the saddest tunes of the inferior ego, and the loudest beats of the superior ego. When the ego settles into its equanimous state of flow and acceptance it becomes The Self.

The Self is so playful that at times like stardust it sprinkles memories that tend to create an upheaval for the mind, intellect and ego. These memories triggers emotional reactions, adding to the drama of this journey. After all, what is entertainment without drama? The mind, intellect and ego using its faculties get entwined into the emotions, and tend to get melodramatic and over-react. For their performances there are no rewards or awards!

As the emotions dissolve, the mind, intellect settle into the equanimous ego, which settles into The Self. It is then that the soul emerges and The Universal Consciousness inspires.

The Self is space and time that wears the cloak of the body, embellished with the mind, intellect, ego and memory. The Self is the space within, and around. For it is within The Self that life is created, orchestrated and destroyed, to create all over again. This cycle continues through eternity.

The illusion is the journey that dissolves into time, as it is created in time. 

Dwell as The Self for I Am is real. 

Dwell as The Self – the continuity within the cycle of birth, life and death.

Dwell as The Self – the infinity within which everything finite happens.

Dwell as The Self – the eternity within which the hands of the clock move by the minute.

Dwell as The Self – the light that wipes out darkness.

Dwell as The Self – love that serves permeates through The Universe.

Dwell as The Self – for I Am real. 

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