Break Down Your Walls & Set Your Boundaries

We build walls to protect ourselves. We build walls to divide. We build walls to confine. We build walls to hide. We build walls to limit. We build walls to resist. We build walls to block. xxxxxxWe build walls!

Do we really need walls?

Here I am not referring to walls we construct to live in and function from, but the walls that surround our very being. The walls within which we exist bury our true selves. The innocence, the spontaneity, the creative inspiration. 

When did we lay the first brick of the wall we construct around our pure self? The first time we were emotionally wounded. We could not bear the sensation of pain, and suffering began. It felt like acid upon the self, ever so pure, singeing brutally a part of us. Not only did we lay the first brick, but also began to weave our net of complexes. 

What was that word, what was the action that swung a blow to the innocent self? The memory is stored in its vessel and with it is the negative emotion that we use as a defense mechanism. The unhealed wounds lay bricks and intertwine chords; while using defense mechanisms. 

The psychology texts list the following as the most commonly used defense mechanisms – Denial, Repression, Projection, Displacement, Regression, Rationalization, Sublimation, Reaction Formation, Compartmentalization & Intellectualization. Yet the are many more. Each one of them used as ammunition to protect the self, not to destroy others, though. However, any bullet from a gun, even shot in self-defense does cause pain, and fatality to another.

It is within the walls that we become mindless, for we believe that alienating the self is protecting the self. However, the self needs to protection. The self needs no walls. The mind, the intellect and discriminating ego seeks dominance on this journey. They all want to steer the ship through life, because it is at those levels of our those levels of existence that want to take the lead, believing that they protect the self.

The self sits back, relaxes and watches the journey, knowing at some point all will dissolve, eventually. Experience is the journey, lessons the fuel, knowledge is the power. Not the knowledge that romances the intellect, but knowledge that empties the intellect and fills it with love, awareness and the sense of oneness.

The wall of self respect is rather destructive. For we believe that to be respected we have to be masters of our own castle. Well, if you sit on your throne you have distanced yourself from others, because then there is them and you. And when there is that distance and discrimination. Love is then an object and an action. And you keep commanding respect because you doubt others respect for you. You want it the way you desire it, because you have a myopic understanding of what respect is.

Breakdown your wall and then you’ll experience respect is more than a word in the dictionary. It is a feeling and an experience of oneness, where we can celebrate each one’s uniqueness, individuality and inter-dependence, even if they may have been the cause of pain. For nobody causes you pain, because they intend to. They do it as their own defense mechanism from their perspective of protecting themselves. And from another perspective they are only playing their role as per your script of this journey.

The dictionary defines respect as a deep feeling of admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements. Self respect is that deep admiration for the self because through time and space we have achieved so much and learnt so much more. Self respect will attract respect from the world around. When you disrespect yourself, your world reflects the same to you. And, if you are honest and authentic in the space of disrespect, you do not respect others, but definitely expect is from others. Disrespecting yourself you delve into pointing your fingers and toes at others, and your thumbs to a God you blame for your situation. 

When you vibrate in the space of self respect you don’t need walls, and you definitely set boundaries around you. You take responsibility for yourself and your world, because you are aware that there is none to blame for your situations and lessons. You own the processes of life with honor. Suffering dissolves and wounds heal leaving scars that speak your story.

The dictionary defines confidence as “the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.” Self confidence is that feeling of belief, faith and ability to rely on the self. Relying on the self is about being boxed in a tower. In fact, liberation and freedom empowers you to rely on yourself, because on this journey we are co-passengers and knowledge comes from each other, with each other. Communication is not about speaking, but all the more about listening and not just hearing. Self confidence is the faith in yourself to manifest all that is best for you. 

You laid the bricks of lack of confidence when you first realized that there are wishes that will not be fulfilled, there will be failures, their will be criticisms. You laid those bricks into your wall to protect yourself from the suffering caused by a lack of confidence. Has that wall served you any purpose, beyond making you self-destructive?

When you vibrate in the space of self confidence you don’t need walls, and you definitely set boundaries around you. You take responsibility for yourself and your world, because you are aware that you are beyond every limitation set by your mind and those who could drilling into you your weaknesses. You tap into your potential and awaken to your purpose. 

The dictionary defines esteem as a combination of respect and admiration. Self esteem is the respect and admiration towards the self. When you are unaware of your true pure self, you hold yourself in low self esteem. You devalue yourself and become a football of other people’s opinions. You are a victim of judgements. They treat you on the basis of how you estimate yourself to be. So raise your value in your own eyes and they will then respond in accordance. You built the walls on the basis of other’s devaluation of your identity.

When you vibrate in the space of honoring your self esteem you don’t need walls, and you definitely set boundaries around you. You take responsibility for yourself and your world, because you are ware that are amazing just the way you are. You tap into your creative inspiration and passion and create every moment with the magic of your being.

Break down your walls and set your boundaries. Walls limit you, and boundaries actually protect you. The boundaries are required so that you honor and respect yourself. The boundaries are required so that you always remember you are a spiritual being on a human journey, where independence, uniqueness, individuality helps you create the legacy you leave behind. The boundaries help you to realise that interdependence is your power and strength for any kind of dependence only weakens you.

Own your space. Act from your space within your boundaries. Feel the flow of divinity through you, radiating from you, empowering you and all others. When you are nourished, you can nourish all others. 

Break down your walls and set your boundaries.