Amongst the most difficult tasks assigned to me is writing about me! And, believe me getting down to writing this About Me page, has been delayed, actually I confess I have been procrastinating BIG TIME! However, you can procrastinate, but you cannot, not do it. So, finally I got myself to write about me; albeit using a technique that makes me so comfortable. It’s called journaling!

So, here I present my self – Karishma Udit Chhatrapati - through the following journal entries, which I hope you consider to be reader-friendly – quick and fun to read; and you will get to know me well enough to trust me helping you discover the joy of being spiritual, as you live through being human in this lifetime!

My Beginning; Karishma Bajaj

I was born in India in the city of Mumbai (stamped as Bombay in my first ever passport!), on a Sunday afternoon, on 24th November, 1974. I am told I was a chubby, bright-eyed baby; and in spite of that I was nicknamed Chinky, till they found me a name. After much research they named me Karishma, meaning “Miracle.”

After a couple of months of being bored my mother left me with my grandparents to be with my father in London. He was there completing his education in Business Management and Chartered Accountancy. So, most of my infancy was spent between my maternal and paternal grandparents. No wonder, one of biggest challenges was dealing with insecurity!

Toddler years to early childhood was spent in London. Well, there were some good times, and some not so good times. In my later years, I realised that my childhood was rather taxing for me. The birth of my younger sister taught me the complexity of feeling inferior, along with jealousy and envy.

So, here I was growing up with an inferiority complex spun in the web of jealousy and envy, only because I felt my parents loved my sister more than me. So, while this was the negative uphill of my childhood, there was also positivity – my creative writing talent, my academic excellence in London, my grandparents, uncles and aunts who loved me, my day-dreams that took me to space- minus visuals! Hard part was the slap I would get for being distracted!

My Later Childhood through beyond my teens

Just as I stepped into my later childhood years we moved back to India. And truly this is where my real struggles growing up escalated, and wounds inflicted that time and wisdom has healed, even though the scars remain. It was hard, and I had taken to worrying myself to manifest Type 1 Diabetes by the time I was 16. Child sexual abuse; living a few years away from my parents while my sister lived with them; increased inferiority complex in school; below average grades; etc.

Being Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

I completed my tenth grade exams, fell extremely ill during the vacations, almost died; to return with Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependent). Oh! This was pretty tough way back in 1991. There was social stigma, there was lack of proper education and awareness and it was a struggle. My grandmother actually told my parents to keep it a secret, for nobody will get their son married to me. The deep impressions carved into my being obvious were also the blueprints of what was coming to me later in life!


My First encounter with Spirituality

During this time of my life I came across the Sufi Master – Sai Badshah, who was visiting from Pakistan. He was a scholar at Cambridge University, and a man beyond religion.

During the last year of my high school phase I used to walk a young boy to the bus stop. He had become my responsibility. And he would fondly address me as an older sister, calling me “Didi.” When I feel ill and was literally on the death bed of a hospital ward, this little boy and his parents had prayed for my recovery to their Guru Sai Badshah, who was then in England. He told them that I would recover and return home on 24th June (1991); and that is what happened. A few months later Sai Badshah visited Mumbai and he initiated me into meditation and spirituality. I found my peace, and I began to excel in studies right through college.

A crisis that made me suicidal

I had completed my college and around the same time my parents were fighting, filed for divorce; it was ugly! I was seeing a boy, who I really was not interested in. In fact, I was pushed into the relationship by everyone who thought he was the best thing to happen to me. We were to be engaged, however, his parents called it off, because my parents were getting divorced. I was devastated. Really, my parents’ divorce is a cause! What about me! What about who I am!

This led me to venture into suicidal depression. I gave up taking my insulin, as I had no guts whatsoever to actually take a drastic impulsive step. It had to be slow and torturous. Result was Tuberculosis of the lungs.

The rest period spent in isolation actually brought me to a place of peace and awakening. I wanted to do something meaningful in my life. Something for others. Something to inspire others. Something to help people discover the inspiration that is within them, just as I found that for myself.

The path of my career till 2010

While I returned from the TB phase, I also knew aware that life was not going to be easy; and I was prepared for it. My parents’ divorce situation had become so ugly that my father had to sell our home and we were living on rent. He lost all the money, and I had to start earning. Thankfully, my father continued to earn to make ends meet, yet it was never enough for us. My sister and I had to earn more money to make life more comfortable, and we did that with pride.

So, I started out as a journalist, then progressed to an editorial desk job; and on the side I completed my Master’s in Psychotherapy & Counselling; and Master’s in Psychology. For 8 years I doubled, rather tripled up as an Editor, Freelance Writer and Corporate Coach and Psychotherapist. Then in 2008, I switched completely to Coaching, Psychotherapy and Counselling, used a myriad of modalities and help my clients.

As a Psychotherapist and Counsellor

From 2008, I immersed myself into being a fulltime Coach, Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I kept learning, I kept practising. I researched every modality of healing, and went deeper into spirituality. I loved the journey. I enjoyed helping people discover their inner inspiration, I was passionate about helping my clients push beyond their limitations to bring about dynamic paradigm shifts.

My hat was filled with knowledge of Tarot, Angel Card Reading, Hindu rites and rituals from a spiritual perspective, crystal healing, Reiki, guided meditations, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, astrology, rune casting, crystal ball gazing, art therapy, handwriting and signature analysis, candle mediation; whatever would attract clients and groups, I used the modalities accordingly.

I have conducted workshops, and individual counselling sessions, and all of it gave me immense peace, as my biggest rewards I accumulated was the smiles and blessings.

Married at 42, and now I am Karishma Udit Chhatrapati…

On 1st February, 2016, I met my husband for the first time. It was a blind high tea date set up by our common friends. Before the year could end, we got married on 20th December 2016. My husband, Udit, gifted me a wonderful son, Harsh. And we adopted our second son, Tycoon – a loving golden retriever. Ever since I was on a sabbatical from my practise, which truth be told never seemed to end, until the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world.

Having Type 1 diabetes could not allow me to be of any physical help to my world; however, I felt guided to do something to help people cope with this world-changing phenomena. Life has taught me that crisis comes to bring about a transformation. And I feel transformation happens when you can delve deeper within through mindfulness and meditating techniques. What began with free webinars, and podcasts on whats app, led me to being inspired to build a spiritual community. And here I am, for you.

From here & now onwards…

Being Spiritual with KUC is my soul’s divine purpose to help you discover your spiritual being as you live through this human life. Being spiritual is the core of who you are – your soul, your spirit, your divinity, your Shakti, your confidence, your beauty – Your Self.

Being Spiritual with KUC is a community for you. Every blog post comes from a space of deeper understanding – wisdom brought about by the awareness that comes through experience of the lessons learnt. I promise you I only share what I fell and experience, and definitely do not preach what I don’t practise.

Every podcast is a guided mindfulness and meditation process to help you travel deeper into you spirit being. This community is for spiritual teachers to share themselves with you; and it is with you to gain from every spiritual teacher.

My Spiritual Teachers I am grateful to

I have a number of spiritual teachers I am grateful to.

On the top my list is my parents, who in spite of whatever their shortcomings are, they are both spiritual, intuitive and knowledgeable beings. I am thankful to have been born as their daughter.

Sai Badshah, who saved my life in 1991, and paved my path to being spiritual.

Rohini Desai, my Reiki Master

Sri Sri Ravishankar, who for me is my Sadguru, my Divine teacher, whose presence I feel all the time.

Sufi Dhar Dada, who made me aware of the divinity that breathes through me.

Doreen Virtue, who I have never met, but whose Angel Cards have helped me help people discover inspiration and positivity in their lives.

Hittesh Morjaria, who introduced me to the text of Swara Yoga, and explained to me the spiritual significance of the rites and rituals prescribed in the Vedas.

Roshan Mansukhani for being this magical music therapist who helped me go down many layers, returning to being authentically spiritual and aware of my self.

Every teacher who introduced me to the varied modalities of healing and divination.

Every relationship and friendship that has taught my valuable lessons and brought me wisdom.

My Doctors, who have taken care of me, patiently and answering my many doubts so that I understand my body and its functioning better.

An Ode to a Daughter

(This is an ode to Karishma by her loving father,describing her creative gifts)

Karishma Udit Chhatrapati comes to The Truth with soulful and expressive music in her art and words.

Intoxicating fragrance in her colours,

A shred of mystery in her compassion towards every hue, tint and shade.

Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, showers upon Karishma creative inspiration, as Goddess Sarawati bestows upon her the gift of creativity; and Goddess Parvati blesses her with compassionate Shakti.

Karishma’s creativity, be it the art or crafted words, is a gift that will bewilder the minds of appreciative admirers; as beautiful nature romances her vision and together they climax into the untameable spark of creativity.

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